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The W5 Weekend

This social event is held every year during March or April and is the first FOC social event of the year.  It is open to members and their guests.


The 2023 W5FOC Weekend gathering will be held April 27-April 30 in Santa Fe, NM. 

This will be the 3rd time the weekend has been held here. Our previous weekend was in 2018, photos can be found at: 

Unlike previous W5FOC weekends, we decided to try an alternate approach where attendees can make their own reservations at any hotel. The registration fee will be set after a meeting with a caterer on February 6th. Please visit our website which should answer most of your questions, but if not contact John K1JD at or cell (505)-469-4697. The website includes confirmed attendees as they come in and will be updated on a regular basis:

Hope to see you there!

161 from your hosts John K1JD, Jim W8ZR, Fred KT5X, Mike AD5A


The 2022 dinner was held in Fredericksburg, Texas

The 2021 dinner was canceled due to COVID-19.

The 2020 dinner was canceled due to COVID-19.

The 2019 dinner was held Lafayette, LA

The 2018 dinner was held in Santa Fe, NM.

The 2017 dinner was held in Fredericksburg, Texas.

The 2016 dinner was held in Dallas, TX

The 2015 dinner was in Austin, TX.

Photos by WB6BEE/2.

Photos by WB6BEE/2

The 2014 dinner, hosted by K1JD and KT5X, was held in Santa Fe, NM.

Photos below by N5AN and WB6BEE/2

WB6BEE, K5ALU and W7GKF visiting the W8ZR superstation
W4MQC and daughter Meredith
N5RW, K6RB, N5AM, KT5X and K6ZB out for a little Summits on the Air hike
N5AN, the photographer caught by the photographer (WB6BEE/2)
KR3E operating W5FOC
The Californians, K8RD and K6RB (N3BB and W0JX seated)
Our hosts, K1JD and KT5X
AK5X with his raffle prize
KZ5D and KT5X (a rare, hatless shot)
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W4MQC and daughter Meredith

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