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The Continental (EU) Dinner

This social event is held every year during May or June. 

It is open to non-member guests by invitation only.


Dear fellow FOCs,

it is with utmost regret that I have to tell you that - after careful

consideration of all relevant aspects -  I have come to the

conclusion that the CONDIN Fulda, scheduled for 8-10 may 2020,  must

be cancelled.

the fore-going decision has been necessitated particularly by the

unprecedented and unforeseen proliferation of the Corona Covid 19

virus in the last couple of weeks. This epedmic virus must not be

taken lightly, especially in view of the fact that a considerable

number of members belong to the so-called high-risk groups (> 60,

deficient immune system, age-related health issues) which are

considered to be more vulnerable to the virus than the rest of the


It should be noted that this is not an ordinary flu virus. It is a

new type of corona virus.  There is no "herd immunity" in our

societies, which means a considerably inreased risk of contracting

the disease for everyone of us.  In fact, it is assumed among experts

that between 50 and 70% of the total population will be infected by

the virus  - one way or another, sooner or later.  What's more, there

is no vaccination as of yet and none is expected to be available

until one or two years from now.  A probable death toll of 0.4. to

0.7 % of the population on average -  much higher among high-risk

groups - must not be ignored. Thus my decision.

No need to re-iterate the details that we are being provided by the

media on a continual basis. Authorities strongly recommend to keep

travelling to the least amount possible. Ignoring their advice equals

out to negligence. Also, being placed in quarantine in DL is not what

anybody  would want nor do we want to put our family members' health

at risk. 

I would like to have another go in 2022, always assuming that nobody

else has already made CONDIN plans for that year.  If so, please let

me know.

Hope to meet you on the bands, 161, Holger, DK4LX



The 2020 event will be held 8-10 May at the Hotel Esperanto in Fulda, Germany.

Minimumhotel bookings are two nights (Friday-Sunday). Single rooms are €104

and Double rooms are €131, both including breakfast. The hotel phone

number is: +49 661 102 1810. Early bookings are strongly advised.

Fulda has a fast train station connection to Frankfurt/M Airport. The hotel is 4-star.

Holger, DK4LX is the organizer of Condin 2020 and has created a Dropbox account with full details:

The 2019 dinner was held the weekend of May 11 in Undeloh, Germany at the Hotel Undeloher Hof

The 2018 dinner was held May 11 - 13 in Wolfsburg. Germany

Tours went to the Volkswagen Museum and the Phaeno.

The event organizer was Baldur, DJ6S

The 2017 Condin diner was held from 2nd to 4th June in Freyburg, Germany. The town is best known for its vineyards, 11th century castle and historic town centre.

The 2016 dinner was held in June at the Hotel Rad in Tettnang. About 50 people attended.

 G3RWF, Nick and K2VUI, Joe
 K4UEE, Bob and DJ6ZM, Tof
DJ5IL, Karl; DL4CF, Joe; DL3AZ, Andy; G0EOF/2, Maureen; G0EFO, Mike; DK9HE, Andres and DL6LBI, Ingo
DJ1YFK, Fabian; DL8LBK, Ken; DJ5IL, Karl and DJ3JAB, Andy

Photos by Nigel, G3TXF
See more photos at:

The 2015 dinner was held Saturday, 23 May, in Paderborn, Germany.

Photo by DK7LX

At the dinner 21 members or their partners were present; from England our FOC-president Don G3XTT and Nigel G3TXF with XYL Anneliese.  Nigel brought a bunch of QSL-cards for those members present that he had worked before with the one or other either special or expedition-call.  From the Netherlands we had Kees PA5XM and Miles PA3CVV with their XYLs.  The late CT3AS’ XYL Birgit took part like in the previous years, the assembly stood in memory of Ben.  Thanks to DJ6SI for organizing a fine event.

   Con din Ottens Haus
 Ottens Hof restaurant
   Photos by G3TXF

More photos at:
Breakfast PA5XM, PA3CVV and ladies
 The group dining

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