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The Unsung Hero Award

The Unsung Hero Award is FOC's way of acknowledging long and selfless service to the club. 

A member who commits their time and expertise to FOC might not be recognised widely for their contribution at the time, perhaps because such efforts are given so modestly, and often over a considerable period of time. Without their generosity, though, an absence would soon be felt.

FOC proudly celebrates exceptional service and dedication by such members with this prestigious annual award.


The Committee accepts nominations by email to the Chairman at any time. The Committee votes for a member who is deserving of this award once a year. 

Presentation of the Unsung Hero Award

An officer of the club presents the Unsung Hero Award at the AGM and Annual Dinner. The winner is announced on the night.

Past Recipients

2013 G3LHJ Derrick Webber, for his work over many years in mailing out Focus and the Callbook
2014 KZ5D Joseph "Art" Suberbielle, Jr, for his BW QSO party idea and his unstinting work in support of FOC
2015 W4PM Howard "Puck" Motley, for work with the Windle programme
2016 S57WJ Gabor Szekeres, for his dedication in editing and producing FOCUS and the FOC News Sheets
2017 DJ1YFK Fabian Kurz, for his ceaseless commitment to CW and the Club, and for his powerful RBN tools and cluster facilities.
 2018   WB2YQH Bob Nadolny, for his management of US mailings and efforts coordinating and contributing his time to help with FOCUS, the News Sheets and Yearbook
 2019  G4HZV Bob Bagwell, who has been the manager of the WAFOC and WAFOCC awards and has also been FOC's accounts examiner for many years.
 2020  G3LIK Mick Puttick. A past President in1995, Mick has also worked in the background providing
members with plaques and other supplies as well as adjudicating the Augie Nickel
 2021  M0PCB Iain Kelly has long supported FOC activities and was a past committee member. For many years he organized the annual G4FOC operating rota and activity days..

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