First Class CW Operators' Club



September, 2022

3B8/G4BUO High noise level at hotel QTH but good to catch up with friends whether members or not.
9J2BO I was pleased to find 10m open. By 1900 utc my brain was completely addled and I was no longer able to continue. Contesting days are definitely over as far as I am concerned I just can not hack it anymore. Is it really necessary to send so fast in what is supposed to not be a contest ?
AA9WP First-time participant. Working to improve my cw speed with the cwops group. Enjoyed the short amount of time I had available to work the contest. Looking forward to the next one.
AB5XM Enjoyed this event.  This is my second time to take part.  Thanks for having it!!
AC5XK Thanks everyone!
90W to EFHW from Cape Cod, MA
AE1T Wow.  Great conditions.  Thanks for all the Windles!  Even 10M opened for a bit: 9J2BO, Brian, was just above the noise floor and heard me.  Yay!
BA3AX Everyone actively participates
CT1BQH On air time wasn't that much but fun, meeting new and old friends, was very much!
161 everyone!
DF4BV Conditions could be better but was fun again
DJ6ZM On my side condx were not as well as wished but fair enough for sufficient meeting old and new good friends. Duration 14 hours activity. Radio Flex6600/Maestro and KPA500. Antennas Mosley TA33MW at 50 ft, rotary folded dipole 80604030 and small 160m vertical in garden. 15m opened in the afternoon better then 20m, otherwise 20m was open bit later til when finished midnight, 40m of corse as well. Unfortunately nothing on 10m and just a very few on 160m. Any way, it was a real great pleasure to take part of this nice BW QSO Party. Thanks all for QSO.
DK4LX Good fun despite poor conds, PC crash destroyed N1MM pgm beyond
belief (FUBB), QRV agn an hour later: a man can be destroyed but
never defeated (Hemingway) :-) - few non-members, many rare ones, that's how it goes.
DK9PY Could only work part time due to Petra's bicycle accident and her hospital stay. However I am always very active on the bands throughout the year and sure will meet many outside the QP.
DL1CW Spent the day on the Highway, only last 3 hours could joy. hope you had all a good party.
DL1VDL Thanks to all for the nice QSOs. Not expected was the good opening of the 15-meterband and surprisingly the QSOs with Dave, 3B8/G4BUE on 10, 15 and 20. 161 Hardy dl1vdl
DL6RAI Condx sucked somewhat but became better in the last hours. Enjoyed the activity and happy to hear many new calls.
DL8TG Thanks for all qsos, it was a pleasure to participate.
EA1DP Hello, fun, it's a shame I can't spend more time on it, 73
EA6EJ Very nice saturday and my first BW party. Funny + gd cw op...
Congrats, 73
EI7BA Operation was sporadic due to domestic QRM, but an enjoyable day, with a bit of chat and banter. Great to meet some of the new members.
F6JOE Tnx for great fun!!!!
G0EFO I dipped in and out for a total of about 9 hours and had the joy of catching up with many FOC old friends. With K3S, KPA at 400W and wire antennas, I made 203 QSOs of which 151 were FOC. Good propagation on 15 and 20m most of the day, followed by a lively few hours on 40. By the time it got dark and 80m opened up, I was beginning to feel my age and decided to pull the plug.  Nothing heard on 10.  Being called on 20 by Barry VK2BJ made my day!
G0KPE A very limited participation with available time but enjoyed making some FOC QSO Party contacts on 160m, 80m, 40m and 20m.
G0MFR Very enjoyable event with some interesting conversations as well as contest style QSOs
G3RWF Tried hard to get 160 and 10m going but no success!
G3SJJ My favourite event of the year. I had many encouraging comments, probably highlighted by "Always a pleasure to work you" from Dave N3RD. Several wanting QSOs more often. Just like old times. Propagation wasn't kind. Nothing heard on 10m or 160m. 15m was poor until late afternoon.
G3SYM Great time spent on the air, had to opt out for a few hours to cut grass and cut back bushes on the surrounding hedgerows whilst the weather was dry and sunny (you have to read the wx in cornwall and beat the rain ! ) Agree with others the only station on 28mhz was Brian 9J2BO he really is a beacon, S9 at times.
G3WGV Where was the 160m/80m activity? Called and called during the last few hours but 80m was a struggle and 160m even more so. Odd, given that HF conditions were rather poor, with nothing heard on 10m at all. Good fun, despite all that, of course.
G3YJQ What a great time, I always enjoy the FOC special occasions. The morning started very well but the noise in the late afternoon was beginning to get very bad. Thanks  to everyone I had QSOs with. Till the next time we all meet take care and stay safe 161
G3ZGC I would normally operate for longer but I am having some health issues at present.
G4BSW Great fun. Conditions could have been better but not that bad here even with my simple wire antennas!
G4BUE Operating on and off between other commitments, I made 96 QSOs (including 10 non-member QSOs) with my K3 running 5 watts QRP to my 132 feet  doublet 30 feet high, fed with open-wire, and bent around the garden to fit. My thanks to all those members with good ears who heard my peanut whistle, especially VK2BJ and VK2GR on 20m and WP3C on 20 and 40m.  A few members even answered my CQ calls!
G4ILW As always, numerous short periods of operating as time permitted. Conditions quite poor but 15m open a lot of the time. 40m occasionally good. Some great contacts and conversations.
G5VZ This was my first BW QP as a FOC member and activity was fitted in around work commitments.Thanks to all members who extended such warm welcome words during our QSOs. It was a friendly, welcoming activity with QSOs on the lower bands - 40 and 80 - chatty and less hurried than on 20m.  Conditions might be described as "adequate" and noise floor on all bands remained quite high. I'm looking forward to the next one!
G8VG Not a good party for me, rig broke down again so used QRP KX2. Brand new rig now - an ICOM-7300 - looking for members on the HF bands.
GM0HKS My second BWQP and so much fun. Due to other ongoings, only managed a few hours but thoroughly enjoyed the event and managed to work a number of club members for the first time. Conditions were mediocre at times and I lacked an 80 metre antenna, which denied me a more productive number of contacts later in the evening. Will be rigging a doublet to rectify LF band working before the Winter sets in.
GM4ZUK Very friendly event. Great to work so many, despite poor propagation, especially on the higher bands.
HB0/DL5YM Share the station with Tina here ( HB0/DL5YL)
400W  intomtrap-dipole/HexBeam @10m
HB9ARF Elecraft K3  100 Watts. Force 12 C-4s (2 elements on 14/21/28 MHz shortened Dipole on 7 MHz). Kelemen Dipole for 3.5 and 1.8 MHz
HB9AUK I am not a member, but enjoyed my first time participation; worked mostly NA-stations; all on the 15m or/and 20m band; hpe cu next time.
HB9BJL Due to family commitments I had only a small amount of operating time. A welcome surprese was VK2GR on 40 m (only a low Inverted vee dipole at home). I hope to take part again next spring.
HB9CBR Joined in by accident, i am not member of FOC. Very nice contest and the 15 m band was open so i gave it a try. I was active between 1300 and 1536 UTC on 15 m band only.
My station is a K3 power out 70 watts to a Kelemen trap dipole up 7 meters.
I am happy having contacted US stations in 12 states plus 1 canadian in QC.
Certainly would like to attain next contest again.
73 de Bruno HB9CBR - Meikirch, Switzerland
IK0IXI Spot mode participation due to family duties (XYL birthday). Anyway a lot of fun and high not members on log. See you next.
IK0YGJ Found the antenna bent again due to gusty winds, 5 hours of operations with 48 QSO, 4 non members. It was not easy but the fun is always there!
IK0YVV Just 3 hours on the air due to other family duties. Big fun as ever ...
IK1WNO I always take part with great pleasure. unfortunately this time I had little free time, I hope to be able to devote more time to it in the next one thanks to everyone.
IK1YRA Just say thanks for a nice QSO Party. Not gud condx but fun anyway.
Hope to participate to the next one. mni tks
IN3FHE Only 8 hours, but a lot of fun, despite my local qrn , my vertical antenna and my 70w. Happy for qso with the two Tinas (DL5YL and YO3FRI), with Dave G4BUO with his sig at my local noise level and all the other participants in the qso party. Thanks to everyone, members and non-members, I had a really good time.
IQ2CJ I did some QSO just for fun, from radio club station IQ2CJ
73 de Steve, IK2JUB (home call)
IT9SSI First time for me. TNX
IT9VDQ @Home: TS-590SG + modified MFJ-1622 vertical balcony stylus antenna, only 5m long at 11th floor. 73 Giu
JA1GZV The reason why the BW's QSO number did not grow this time was that the condition of the high band was bad and it overlapped with other contests.
JS2AHG The condx was too bad.
My modest remote set up such as 500W + Para Stacked INV for 40m and Hexbeam for 20m & up could not beat that tough propagation condx.
Only 2 NA on 40m, 2 NA on 20m, 1NA & 2 OC on 15m and 1SA on 10m.
K0TC Enjoyed working many friends during the FOC party.  Always a pleasure!
K0XX 100w to 18m inverted L, top at 8m. Thanks to all who pulled me out of the mud, especially the DX members. I was amazed at the number of DX members who worked me. Even had Barry VK2BJ answer my CQ BW. No computer set up in the shack yet, so sent and logged manually. It felt good, so guess that shows my age. No time spent during Friday evening, and spotty on Saturday. Lots of fun.
K1LHO Lots of fun. Not fast and furious, but cordial and comfortable.
K1NY Was hoping for better conditions. Still nice to work some of my FOC friends, great fun.
K1SA Best part was being able to just stop and chat for a while.
K1ZZ Enjoyed operating in the time I had available. Glad we have an event open to non-members.
K2NV/2 The WX was too nice to stay home to work the BW QSO party.  We headed up to the boat in Wilson, NY and I managed to put in just over 4 hours.  I was signing K2NV/2 as I keep separate logs for boat QSOs. Thanks for the QSOs and your patience with my somethings puny signal using my back stay antenna. Yes, we did get to go sailing on Lake Ontario too!  Life is good!
K2SX I went into this BWQP not expecting to have much time and my expectations were met.  First, we are opening a local production of the play "Harvey" next week in which I am featured. I had rehearsals both Fri and Sat night which killed a lot of time.  Somehow, I don't know how I will fit  "BWQP" into my dialog.  When we moved to SC about 15 years ago, they did not tell us a couple of things about the area.  Fortunately, one of those things - the large number of snakes that live here near the water- was not visible this weekend.  But, the reason I think they were missing is that at 8 AM Sat morning, a big thunderstorm made its way into the area and stayed until noontime which probably drove the creatures underground.  It also, of course, meant no operating on Sat morning.  Still, it was fun and nice to see a lot of familiar calls go into the log.  Maybe next year.
K2TW Operated portable while on vacation in Maine USA. 100w to a temporary 40m dipole at about 30 feet. 73 or rather 161.
K2UV Amp sparked out mid event, and my apologies that heavy platelet procedure did not cure frozen- aching middle fingers on either hand, but despite fumbling along my ears still working and fun nonetheless. Thanks all for your indulgence. Indeed, given my past two years, this was akin to a joyful coming out party! All stay safe, and G-d Save the King!!
K2ZR My 3rd QSO into the event I was called by Bill, WB5RYB. After we exchanged our QSO details he asked me what a QP was. Over the period of about 10 minutes I explained to him what a QSO Party was and where he could find more information on the topic. It felt good to help him out and perhaps help another ham into the world of Radiosport.
Overall the FOCBWQP was great fun and I was delighted that there were quite a few non-members participating. 
K3LU Only operated a little over an hour at the start of the QSO Party.  Saturday I was aboard the Nuclear Ship Savannah with K2YWE as K3S. This was a special event for FLEET WEEK IN BALTIMORE. I did make one FOC QSO with K4BAI.  161 de K3LU
K3WW Nice activity, but less than great conditions. Glad to meet up with members I have not heard for a while.
K3ZO Conditions were OK except for 10  metres but SM2EKM had lots of
Aurora on his signal.
K4BSK What a pleasure it was to participate for first time as a member.  So many warm welcomes were extended during QSO's.  Thanks.  It was nice that conditions allowed me to make contacts on all bands 80 thru 10 meters.
K4QS 7.5 hours operating time.  My antenna rotator failed Saturday afternoon with the yagi pointed in a direction that favored just about no one.
K4WW Only second time operating in this event, and it conflicts with local Ham Fest which limited my operating time.
K4XU Conditions were abysmal from the far Left Coast. No Eu on 15m, only one QSO on 10m, and only the high powered big antenna EU stations on 20m.  Activity on this side of the pond was pretty good and I managed to pare my Augie need list down to three - all in Europe. Lets hope conditions for the Marathon are much improved.
K5KG By 0100z (1am local) stations were very loud on 20m but I was not being heard.  Seemed like one-way propagation (if there is such a thing)  Having been up over 24 hrs, we (TF/K4EU & me) called it a night.  Resumed after some sleep at 1300z with two quick QSOs with Merrill, Wk2G, and Chas, K3WW, and the race was back on.  Wx was cold and rainy throughout the day, but it was not a problem.  The TF3D QTH, being out in the boonies is dead quiet with the exception of an electric fence (sheep & horses) which the K3’s NB handled nicely. I did experience stations being confused by the TF/ prefix, and had to repeat my call several times.  Part of that confusion is probably caused by “TF” and “/” being identical characters, only being different by character spacing.  !  Think about it, HI. Wish I could have worked more of you, but it was a great experience working from 66N, just below the Arctic Circle.  
K5RC Great fun!
K5TF Always enjoy the BWQP.  Conditions, however, were marginal.
K6AR San Diego was under a weather advisory due to Tropical Storm Kay forecast to bring winds of 80km/h. Along the north coast the extreme winds didn't materialize however with my tower lowered I missed the first part of the BW - hence very few contacts on 40m. Saturday with the threat of high winds now over I raised my tower and was able to get eight hours of operating time. I found 10m to be quite open with ops across the East Coast showing up. 15m was my most productive band. I heard and worked very few Europeans (20m and 15m).
K6FA First time operating in the FOC. Even though I spent very little time in it, I did enjoy it.
K6KII Conditions were very disappointing but the activity of the members made up to it. Great to hear from many old friends.
K6RB Good activity and a good number of non-members were participating.
K7HP Mostly all  S&P - 36 "run"qsos.  Noise comes up 15 dB on 15 and 20 as I aim east so leave beam just past N . I apologize for not being able to copy many callers when I tried Run. Had one great over half hour rag chew with Bernie K1SA on 15M
propagation Gods smiled on us.
K9VKY Not much more than a showing of the flag here, but I did enjoy some conversational QSOs with a few of the bug ops who appeared.  Here's hoping Solar Cycle 25 treats us well as the equinox approaches.
KC7V Nice operating event with decent activity.  Nice to work so many non-members.
KD2EPM My first time on this qso party. A fun event.
KD2KW Enjoyed working some of my CWOPS.ORG friends from the weekly CWTs.
KF6NCX I enjoyed the contest.  I operated for an hour and a half.  I look forward to these events because I know there will be opportunities to make some CW qsos with good operators.  I put in 90 minutes in the contest and did some cqing as well as S&P.  I wish there had been more stations participating, but it was reasonably active.  Let me add, as always, thanks for the qsos!
KG7YU I enjoyed the friendly exchanges, a bit more than the usual short contest exchange! Hope to make more Qs next time!
KP3W Great fun, nice to hear so many friends
KR2Q My first multi-hour experience with this activity.  Many comments sent my way during the contacts were along the lines of "Hope you have a fun time."  Well, after it was done, YES!!  I had a genuinely FUN time.  Thanks!
KW7Q This was a hard one with conditions being pretty poor.  Really no Europe from here in Colorado, just a few contacts there.  But I stuck with it and really enjoyed all the contacts.  Sixty four contacts with non members.  Picked up two Augie's, but searched high and low for the 19 remaining US FOC stations to have all US stations worked.
KZ5D Always lots of fun. But some years there's more fun to be had than in other years. Dealing with the fatigue from Covid had me limited to just 5 hours. Several rather short bursts and then rest and repeated. Can't wait for next March.
LB2TB Poor condx.
LU1AW/X Geographic location does not help at all -I am operating from FD58jj- (in the middle of nowhere). There are few ops within normal cndx radius, so we very much depend on high band openings to reach EU-USA where most ops are. EU ops aim USA and vice versa so we have to brake in from the side of your beams. Spent long hours listening at no stations at all. Nevertheless, BWOP is a very enjoyable event. Wish it was done more frequently. 
LU2DPW 73 to all de LU2DPW Juan
LU5OM Good clean fun, even with 90 watts! Ten metres was a surprise. TS590S + HexBeam (Roof mounted) + Top Loaded Vertical for 40 metres.
M0IHT Hope for better conditions next time. Good to see so many radio friends on the bands again.
M0RSE It was a pleasure to operate as M0RSE (op. M0PCB) even though I didn't get a lot of time. See you all on the bands!
N2ATB I thoroughly enjoyed the QSO Party. Propagation was reasonably good here in NJ.
N2KW 100 w to indoor wire 6m above earth.  Conditions were grim, but spirits were high.  'Twas grand to greet old friends and new...thanks to the ones who heard my "peanut whistle in a gale."
N3BB Just getting around to sending in my measly info/participation results. This one always is difficult for me, because the NA Sprint begins as the BWQP ends, and for many reasons, including the fact that I write up the Sprint results for the mags, it's a nervous time for me. Also, my beloved Diana's health has deteriorated to the extent that I am a full-time caregiver (along with a very nice lady M-F during the day) and balancing that labor of love with the busy weekend and the FOC BWQP and the Sprint... it made a mess of ol' booga-booga.

Made it on for an hour and 12 minutes, all on fifteen meters, which was really good at the time of 1334-1446Z. Did some S&P but mostly CQed, a lazy way but productive to work many of the members in a short time. Plenty of Euro stations on at that time. Had a few little mini-natters but tried to maximize the "numbers."

Thanks to all. Getting old is not for sissies, as they say.
N4BA Thank you for the contacts.  Enjoyed participating in the event and look forward to the next one!
N4FP Contacts on all bands, including 2 each on 160 and 10. Nice to see 15 open for some time. Great activity. Thanks for all the contacts.
N4LSJ Lots of fun, like the CWT but less intense.  Like a SKCC sprint but more intense.  Will watch for this event again!
N4QI Fun!
N5RZ Had a great time.   Great to work many members and enjoy the good activity. Thanks to all for the QSO's.
N5TOO It was a fun event.  Will do it again.
N6HCN Thank you for the enjoyable on-air time.  Hearing the bands busy is always encouraging!
N6XI Didn't have much time to play but it's always fun to reconnect with friends in FOC and others.
N7NR I did not intend to spend as many hours as I did in this event but I found it truly enjoyable to hear so many great and friendly ops.  It was an exceptional opportunity for CW practice, especially given the open format where ops typically exchanged greetings beyond the standard exchange. And it was nice to hear Brian, 9J2BO, on 10 and 15 from CA.  TU for hosting this refreshing event!
N7US Thanks for the opportunity to work so many members, most of whom I work often in other contests, especially CWTs.
N8KH Band conditions were poor.
NF8M Always a pleasure working friends in the FOC QSO parties.
NM5M Great fun, one of my favorite events to operate!
NY2PO It was great to participate in the BW again. Propagation was good and lots of fun. Also worked a bunch of non-members which is good for our club and the hobby in general. A pleasure also to work friends old and new with some catching up. I'm already looking forward to next year's BW. Take good care all!
OE1TKW Great activity, enjoyed it very much.
OH2EA Above 60 degrees latitude, propagation is indeed challenging, as LB2TB remarked on the reflector. Quite different from what guys just 1000km south from us experience. The RBN is full of eg US members, and I don't hear any of them, with my wire ant. But persistence pays and I was happy to make many contacts with many members anyway, hi. The BWQP is my absolute favorite "weekend CW gathering". And especially that in so many instances, the exchange was much more than just name-number.
OH3GD Glad to participate once again!
OH5ZA A lot of Aurora during the happening. Polar region path very difficult for USA DX... Cheers
OK1KT Bad props but I need test my brand new Spiderbeam. Fully satisfied as well as with meeting most of old  friends.
Different FOC 59
Operating time 02:21:04
Bad luck, crazy weekend, no more time for the BWQP!
OZ2A Only had very limited time to participate in FOC QSO party due to birthday party in our house.
OZ7BQ Thanks. Did only operate 40M for a few hours
PA2PCH Worked with an ICOM IC-7300 with 90W into a magnetic loop antenna on the roof of my apartment at a height of 11m.
PA2VS Still working on my cw, thank you all for your patience with my poor 17 wpm keying (with mistakes).
PA3DZM Great fun could only participate for 1 hour
PA3EWG first time that i where in this qso event.
Nice and polite event. Difficult for me, because signals where weak from the states
PA5V Poor condx but fun to work old friends.
PAOINA Always nice to say hello to radio friends, and it was enjoying pretty good condx.
PC4E Vy bad conditions and no time to go further because of Family circumstances. SU all next time.
PY3TD Unfortunately, the date was the same one when the WAE SSB contest happened.
R7KZ Had a lot of fun! Terrible condx during the Sat daytime, excellent in the evening.
161 to ALL and thanks for QSOs.
RM2D Challenging conditions but lots of good ears around, picking up weak signals very well. Looking forward to Marathon next time, and hopefully even better activity.
SD0W Fun QSO party. I was bizi doing setup for the fall in the garden, so missed some time on the bands.
SM2CEW Very limited time for me to join the QP fun this time. Conditions were terrible with high K-index but through the aurora curtains I was able to work some NA stations on 15m in the evening.
SO5CW First major activity from my new station in Poland. Good conditions and activity, thanks for all contacts! 161, Fabian, DJ5CW/SO5CW
SP9R Thanks,
SQ8LUV It's such a nice mitting. No rush, no stress, You can say hello or how are You to Your correspondent and nobody is angry You lose his precious contest time :) Just relax. I couldn't spent much time participating in it but really like it.
SQ9S Tnx for all QSOs with FOC members!
Wkd first FOC SP by Fabian SO5CW :) Tnx for your great job. 
SV2BBK Poor conditions in general, 15m and later in the day 20m, were somehow good for oversea contacts while 40m at night was good for European contacts, though the band was quite noisy. I enjoyed the event, made some first time Qs and had a little chat with old friends. Looking forward for the next FOC party and hope for better conditions and more contacts.
TM0SOC Short entry, as usual. The SOC way! 73!
UA9BA It felt so good when operating on bands packed with FOCers. A really fun event! Thank you for it!
UB4Y HB0/DL5YL Fred 202 2 QSO 2 Bands (15, 40 m)
V26K Bud 1921 1 QSO 20 m
UR1HR I was very happy to make connections with people who also love CW. Unfortunately, there were air raids and I had to take cover, so I did little QSO. Thanks everyone, looking forward to the next QSO party. 
VE2AEJ Due to a variety of reasons I was only able to be on the air for about an hour using only wire antennas for 40 and 80 meters. Nevertheless glad to have made an appearance.
VE3GFN This was my fifth BW event, and I set a new personal best score in it, with 200 QSOs. Conditions were pretty good, with both 160M and 15M yielding contacts. Total op time was about five hours, using my Icom 7610, inverted-vee, and triband Yagi.
VE3KG I had too much on the go, and not enough for antennas.  My next participation will be greater.
VE3NRT Nice to meet some new ops, and some that I work regularly in SST, MST & CWT. Thanks for putting it on and glad to see you're back in business.
VE3OMV This FOC QSO party was my first FOC event! I hope to work with more FOC stations in the future!
VE3USP My sporadic availability did not line up with the sporadic opening of the bands, but it still was fun. I had a good chat with friends I know personally and looking forward to do it again the next time.
VK2GR Overall conditions were very poor from south east Australia. The 20m band did not perform as it usually does with my 4 element mono-band Yagi. A handful of contacts were had on the 15m and 10m bands. The low bands were extremely noisy due to a local east coast weather pattern.
VK5GG Some good DX contacts made.
VK6GX Sadly I was only able to have a brief dabble in the party due to a family gathering. All QSO's were with the USA on 20m long path, during the 1st hour of the event. Rig:- TS-890 + IC-2KL, 300W to a 80m flat top delta loop @ 20m, open wire fed at the base via a Palstar BT1500A ATU.
VK6VZ Wish I had had more time available!  Saturday is always a busy day for many - perhaps the next QSO party could be on a Sunday? Nice conditions on 20m into Europe LP (and was pleased to work Brian 9J2BO also LP). 40m into North America SP was OK, despite the band being very quiet in terms of activity other than the QSO Party.
W0CCA Need to put in a remote station in Utah, 25 miles to the West, get credit for West Coast. Sit here listening to East Coast stations working EU and dont even hear them for a couple hours. But its a nice place, not whining.
W0CP It was fun but very poor condx here. 80m and 10m were a bust. Didn't work many of my G and EU friends. Good non-member participation. Cu in March.
W0UA Just a part-time effort here this time, but still great fun. In FOC, we're always among friends!
W0VX Considering the fair to poor propagation conditions and my very modest antennas, I’m happy with my 361/303 score.  It was great fun and an opportunity to say hello to members I don’t often hear.  I managed to add to my Windle score and even worked 2 of our newest members for Augies.  As usual 15 and 20 were the highest QSO bands for me.  There was some life on 10 meters where I worked 9J2BO, KH6LC, LU5OM, VK2BJ, VK2GR, and a handful of US stations.  My thanks to all for the QSOs and a very enjoyable time.
W1FJ Always nice to see some folks not often worked
W2KA Fun operating event.  Nice to have a 15m opening on Saturday morning.
W2TB Crummy condx but had fun working members despite the QSB. Thank you all!
W3SA Had a lot of fun and met some new operators. Running 600w into an 80 meter horizontal loop on all bands.
W4HG Logging program crashed and had to change during the event.
W4PID Enjoyed meeting new friends and saying hi to old buddies.
W4SV How great to work so many good operators in such a short period! Whether invited or not, we should all strive to be qualified as FOC members.
W5FB What a fun time I had and condxs appeared reasonably good.  There seemed to be a lot of non-US non club members participating this year, which was gratifyingto see.  Next time I'm clearing my calendar as I had other competing family events that crowded out my on-the-air time.
W5SJ I was out of town Friday night and Saturday early at the University of Arkansas and South Carolina football game (HOGS win - SOOIE!), so I only had two hours at the very end.  I sure was glad to QSO many FOC friends.  Next time I will have more time.  
W6GMT Great fun worked a bunch of Fellow CWT members
W6OAT Conditions did not seem good this year.  Most EU signals in particular were subject to lots of QSB and flutter.
W7GKF Surprising what a piece of wire in a palm tree will do! Nice conditions, lots of EU participation. 15m was strong and steady.
W7OM Missed many overseas friends this time due to conditions.
W8IM I always look forward to this QSO Party and working the cream of the crop cw operators even though I have not been invited to be a member, hopefully one day will be able to give that number.  
W9RGB Many good friends, old and new, were active. Generally conditions were fairly good, although 10 meters was disappointing.
W9SN Wish I could have put in more time, but had to work.  Fun meeting up with old friends and some new ones.  161 and thanks for the Q's
WA9AQN Thanks all for the QSO's.  It was a good opportunity to catch some of the newer friends I had not yet met, and to briefly greet old ones whose signals had eluded me in recent months.  Until the next time
WB4FSF I very much enjoyed the event.  I thought conditions could have been better than they were. It was wonderful seeing old friends and meeting new ones.
WF1OC Wish I could have spent more time but that was the weekend of the Kitty Quarters tag sale, a major fund-raising event and I had to help out.
WG4FOC  (K3TW, OPR.) Band conditions on 15m were exceptionally good this time.  Many thanks for all the QSOs.
WR5U I was recovering from eye surgery on Thursday. I thought I would be able to pull it off, but wasn't quite ready for prime time. Thank you for the few QSOs I made.
WS1L Thanks for a fun event.  It was nice to work many rag chewing friends in the FOC QP as well as many others.  Condx weren't great but 15 did open nicely into EU in our US East Coast late morning.  I appreciate all the friendly greetings!
YO3FRI I am so sorry for my short activity.  M only excuse was my job. I had to work day shift of 12 hours. Sure next time will be more qso`s.
YO8/LZ4UU First time in BW qso party,thanks for the contacts!
YU3TA Very nice people.
ZS1C Only a wire antenna, and 100 watts. The wire antenna was quite noisy, and disappointing to say the least

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