First Class CW Operators' Club



March, 2024

15W indoor dipoles (PC5D)

6.5 hours on air (K2LE)

A casual operation from Tanjung Lesung Beach on West Java. 100 Watts and a Buddipole dipole on a tripod, antenna height 7 meters above ground. Best DX, KP3W with 18421 km. Thanks for the contacts and perhaps I was able to give some a new FOC country. See you in BWQP this fall from some other location. (YB0LRR/1)

A lot of fun as always- I look forward to the September BW ???? (VK5GG)

A pleasure to enjoy the quality of these operators... (EA7BEZ)

A very enjoyable event. (G3SWH)

A very pleasant activity, always. Thank you everyone - FOCers & non-members. 161/73! (CT1BQH)

All the bands were very quiet. Propagation on 10 and 15m was consistently fair, but much better than other HF bands. Struggled to be heard with my poor station but had the pleasure of meeting loads of old friends. (G0EFO)

Already the name "First Class Operators Club" is a constant reminder for all of us to constantly check and improve operating procedures! (DL9MFY)

Always a very fun party, specially in my first year as FOC member. A great chance to say hello to many friends. 161 (EA6EJ)

Always fun. Thanks for the QSO's. 161, Gator N5RZ #2138 (N5RZ)

Always pleased to touch bases with other Members. (VE3HX)

Another great QSO Party. Managed 5.5 hours on air, hence the low score but thoroughly enjoyed what I did do. Highlight was working Allan VK2GR on 20m. Thanks to everyone for the QSO's. (G0PNM)

Apologize to EU callers especially on 20 and 40 - juts so much noise I can only hear the big guns and even those are rough. I did use a SDR in Pennsylvania and worked a few -they hear me just fine seems like. (K7HP)

As this is not a contest it was good to make some short conversations with members but also with some non-mbrs. (OH2KI)

As usual, great contest! (N7SE)

As usual, not a contest, more like a cocktail party, saying hello, snap talk, very relaxed event. (DF2IC)

As we all know the conditions left a lot to be desired. Yet I topped my score from the March 2023 FOC QSO party by 101 QSO's. From out here in Colorado propagation to Europe was poor. Yet every once in a while a modestly strong EU station would call. That kept me going. Since conditions were poor I did some chores, being it was a Saturday. Mowed the lawn and got one of our cars washed, plus finished reading a book about Albert Einstein (the QSO rate was rather slow at times). So with the FOC event and getting chores done, I had a great day. I am honored to be a FOC member and participate in this event, enjoying a lot of great cw and friendship. 161, Steve KW7Q (KW7Q)

Aurora virtually closed the bands Saturday evening. Tried to work a few more US stations, but many used too high speed for these conds and consequently became impossible to read. Dits and dots came together ! I must admit that my stamina is not what it was some years ago. Age takes it's toll. Turned 87 this year! Nice to work some members I have worked over the years. Missed K3ZO (LA5HE)

Band conditions may not have been great, but I had a great time. I found lots of Windles, did some contesting, and had a few chats with friends. 161, John K1ESE (K1ESE)

Boy, band conditions were tough here in the south central part of the US. Thanks to everyone who participated. (N5XE)

Busy, busy, but managed to squeeze in some quality time :) (SM5GLC)

Challenging condx, esp friday night. 161, Howie (N4AF)

Conditions didnt sound very good. And activity seemed lower than in past years. I like the format and tend to treat this as a casual event to be fitted in with Saturday chores No new Augies though, only one spotted, heard but missed and he was on 17m! 161 Bob (G3PJT)

Conditions not great, had a heavy cold, so did not invest much time into the event unfortunately. (GW4OKT)

Conditions on 20m were rough. Great to share the activity with so many friends. (KP3W)

Conditions were bad, but fun nonetheless! (K3PA)

Conditions were not very good, but it was a fun event as usual. Worked more non-members than in previous years. (W0VX)

Conditions were poor at FOC BW in the spring of 2024, and each band was unable to open from JA to Europe. (JA1GZV)

Conditions were pretty poor here, especially on the low bands on Friday night. 10M sorta opened around mid-morning on Sat but never really good. Heavy rain on sat morning also detuned my 10M antenna which did not help much. Still, lot of fun and nice to see so many members (worked 193 according to Marabella) on during the QP. Thanks to all who gave me and my low wires a QSO. (K2SX)

Condx were not good at all. But fun to participate. (OZ2A)

Contrary to what has been said 10m was usable. I logged 18 EUs. Always this is a fun event. There's a blend of contest style operating and collegiality. San Diego won't post big numbers - to take it to a serious competitive level would be too frustrating hearing the east coast working unhearable stations in europe. The enjoyment comes from participating, being in the game. (K6AR)

CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.10230.0 QSO: 14024 CW 2024-03-23 0630 UR7EC 599 ALEX OM2VL 599 LACI 2162 QSO: 14029 CW 2024-03-23 0633 UR7EC 599 ALEX HA6NL 599 LACI QSO: 21030 CW 2024-03-23 0705 UR7EC 599 ALEX 9N7AA 599 ROB 1790 QSO: 21024 CW 2024-03-23 0716 UR7EC 599 ALEX 4K0CW 599 AXEL 2098 QSO: 21020 CW 2024-03-23 0755 UR7EC 599 ALEX 4Z4KX 599 MARK 1782 QSO: 14026 CW 2024-03-23 0758 UR7EC 599 ALEX IK0YVV 599 MARCO 2086 QSO: 14025 CW 2024-03-23 0759 UR7EC 599 ALEX ON7PQ 599 PAT 2144 QSO: 14024 CW 2024-03-23 0801 UR7EC 599 ALEX G4RCG 599 JOHN 1899 QSO: 14023 CW 2024-03-23 0803 UR7EC 599 ALEX G4FOC 599 VIC 1874 QSO: 14028 CW 2024-03-23 (UR7EC)

Despite less than great condx, I really enjoyed the activity. Always nice to share a few words along the way too. Biggest surprise was hearing 4K0CW (Axel) call me during one of my runs. Exciting stuff. (KR2Q)

Despite very poor propagation, with strong Aurora here in north EU, it was a fun event , as always. (OH2EA)

Difficult conditions with the solar disturbance. 100 watts with 80-10 OCF vee and a vertical. (K1AJ)

Elecraft K3, KPA1500 160M Inv-L, 40/80 Fan Dipole, Cushcraft A4S (W1SOC)

Enjoyed working folks Worked in other events. (KD2KW)

even if I'm not a FOC member, it's always a pleasure to do "CW" QSOs - THANK YOU And 73s - F5JBR/ANDRE (F5JBR)

Everytime nice event to meet lot of good operators. Always a pleasure for me to take part in it. I not had too much time to do QSOs but something is better then nothing, so I'm happy for what I did. 73 ad all the best to everyone. See you next time I hope. Ciao de IU0LJD Ernesto (IU0LJD)

Excellent event. As always, a great way to renew some acquaintances over the air. Band condx were very good from here in FL, although 10m was not as open as it has been in the recent past. Was only able to log 7 hours of operating time. Other obligations keep me from putting in more time. 161, George, K5KG (K5KG)

First BWQP for K4NMR with FB opers - thanks for all the Qs Tom (K4NMR)


First time taking part in this event and very much enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next one (VE9KK)

First time. Nice event for those that want to do minimal (contest like) or those that want to add a little more for a quick mini-chat. FT-991A, 40/20 fan dipole at 10 meters, 20w output. (PE4I)

Friday night was fine but on Saturday morning I had a quarter inch of ice on my antennas. All bands were kaput! By mid-afternoon there was enough melting that I could tune my 80 meter delta loop but of course it was very slim pickings on 80. Finally at 23:05 the ice melted and I was able to get on the other bands. (W1RM)

Friendly group, great CW skills. Very relaxed and enjoyable. I look forward to the next open FOC event. 73 Harv K2PI Warrenton, VA (K2PI)

From the West Coast, conditions on the three high bands were pretty good for NA domestic contacts, but our 030-degree path to Europe through the magnetic polar zone was highly disturbed due to effects of a CME. As a result, I heard and worked only a small number of EU stations, and those signals were very weak. Still, always enjoy working the gang (and non-members too) in the BW parties. Onward! (K6NA)

FT-891 with Buddistick Pro antenna (VA4ADM)

Fun activity. Thank you to the participants. Things got 'interesting' when the solar event produced heavy aurora flutter on signals, towards the end of the 24-hour QSO party. Stations, myself included, had to QRS and concentrate hard to be able to read some of the the rougher auroral CW notes. Those particular QSOs were all that more satisfying when completed :-). Liked the occasional extra greeting exchanges with some FOC stations and enjoyed a really good (proper) QSO with one long-time DX FOC member. (G0KPE)

Fun event - Thanks for the QSOs. I would have liked to have spent more time but I only had a couple of free hours on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon each. 73 to all. (AA2IL)

Fun event with lots of really great operators! (N4LSJ)

Fun event! Looking forward to the next one! 73, Brian VE7WO (VE7WO)

Fun to work so many fine CW operator! /Jens SM1HEV/SM0HEV (SF1Z)

Fun weekend, but the sun wasn't cooperating. C U next time!! 73 & 88. (N6CHU)

Getting the gadgets for remote operation. HOA is a pain. (KP4P)

Good conditions on Friday evening went somewhat downhill on Saturday but it was still great fun to work many friends old and new! (WS1L)

Good morning everyone! Happy to have been able to participate in the beautiful FOC QSO PARTY again this year. I thank all those who carried out QSOs with me; fortunately the propagation held up quite satisfactorily in all ranges, thanks again, see you next time. Best 73s by eEnrico IK1WNO (IK1WNO)

Good to see so many members (and non members) taking part. (G4IZZ)

Great event! (HA7JQK)

Great FUN! (R7KZ)

Great fun. Pity about the condx. (N5KD)

Great Qso Party, condxs could have been better on LF, but 10/15M were the best bands, always great to meet up with the gang and say hi & in most cases a bit more hi. had more time this year as you will sadly understand. 161 de Derrick 841. (G3LHJ)

Great to hook up with visitors, old friends and a few new FOC Members! I had foul weather and unexpected family business which limited participation. 161/73 Tom (K5AX)


Had a rare weekend free from chores so spent about 10 hours in the FOC QSO Party. Although not a member, I found a lot of friends active. Everyone was very welcoming to non-members. (G3WW)

Health issues prevented a more involved effort. Still glad I was around for one more FOC QSO party. 161 BoB WA1FCN (WA1FCN)

High band antenna wasn't working for most of the contest period. Thanks to KU8E for getting it working again Saturday afternoon. QSOs by band: 80M:42. 40M:93. 20M:141. 15M:23. Bands in pretty good shape. Thanks for all QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI. (K4BAI)

I always enjoy the QSO parties because I can set my own pace and work non-members as part of the activity. This year I took a very leisurely approach with several two hour long breaks. I do hope that the QP's don't turn to another contest! (W0JX)

I didn't take it seriously this time. I wasn't sure if my rotator was behaving correctly and didn't want to ruin my leads again. So, I thought Discression was the better part of Valour on this occasion. I'm scheduled to be GM4FOC in September, so here's hoping for a more enterprising effort then. (GM3WUX)

I enjoyed the event as usual. This time I used vintage gear. My transmitter was a Central Electronics 200V and RX was a Collins 75A-4. Even my paddles were vintage; original 1962 W8FYO. I was using my only antenna, an 80 meter all band doublet. (WB0SND)

I enjoyed this very much. I think you should have it more than a couple times a year. Thanks for the Q's and 73. George NE5A (NE5A)

I had only a short time to operate. (VE3KG)

I love the FOC QP its great to work it like a contest or take your time to say Hi! to old friends. Pity the bands slowly went down as the day progressed but still had a lot of fun (G4RCG)

I met Adrian, KO8SCA, on the air for the first time. I was using 100W and a vertical. If I made it into his log, that's a 15,628 km contact! (VK4DRK)

I really enjoyed my first FOC QSO party and even heard a few friends I didn't know were members. The operating skills were truly first class. I hope that I am nominated to join this excellent CW club. VY 73, Pete Young K3IN (K3IN)

I see lots of familiar callsigns from CWT, SST, MST, and various QP events. A good group of ops. (W7GB)

I sent earlier with soapbox..but cant find a confirmation Email... (K3WW)

I spared many by using 50 watts instead of the usual 5 watts QRP. Same antenna, a 43' vertical antenna. The aurora-like QSB was on practically every band and affected most stations. But I made my share of 80-10 by being on all bands. The last time in BW was as CT7/W1UU in 2023. I enjoy meeting old friends and new members, too! (W1UU)

I was able to operate only few hours in the evening and sadly the conditions were bad. Only 15 m was open for a short while to NA. Still enjoyed the QSO’s and surely will be looking forward to the coming events! (OH4X)

I was able to spend FAR less time than I thought I could, and when I was on I found condx to be very challenging. I think I worked every member that I could copy. (K9FN)

I was disappointed not to have more time to operate. Computer problems also complicated things a bit. But very nice to connect with so many old friends (W4ZYT)

I was only able to be on for a short time Saturday evening and was happy to make as many contacts as I did. (K2KRG)

I was only able to spend an hour or so operating this time but enjoyed it immensely, as usual. (KH6LC)

I was pleased to have some ragchewing contacts with BUG friends during the even, and very grateful to Allan, VK2GR and Kev, VK6LW, for straining to hear my paltry signals on the Long Path. Cheers! Brian K9VKY 2188 (K9VKY)

I was running 5W to a dipole from Washington, DC. Thanks everyone for making an effort to hear me. (AC5XK)

I would very much like to become a FOC member! (YO4AAC)

Im sure I will bring up the back end in scores. Glad to be the last guy. Had two nice Quarter type QSO's in the process. (W4PID)

It has been a good event, I have participated for the first time. The propagation conditions have not helped. It will be in the next event. Thank you (EA3EE)

It was a friendly, fun event. I didn't have much time on the air, but enjoyed it all. (K0TC)

it was a nice agn in September...73 Mike DL2OE (DL2OE)

It was an honor for me to participate in such an important competition by connecting excellent FOC operators Quality radio operators (IT9ORA)

It was fun to participate from 4K although the station situation is far away from "ideal" as 4K9W has to fight with S9 noise all bands from his build up neighbourhood. With the help of a wide band RX antenna and a QRM eliminator I was able to make at least a few QSOs on 40m and more on 20/15/10m but I'm sure I couldn't hear all callers, sorry! (4K0CW)

It was fun working lots of familiar CW friends, however with an A of 36 and K of 6 makes it for tough conditions at ths northern latitude. (VE6RST)

It was my first BW QSO Party operating my station south of Bern by remote control from my holiday QTH in France. Apart from some glitches due to some interruptions of the internet connection by GSM, it was great fun to meet old and new friends on the air. I have already met most of them at the Friedrichshafen ham radio exhibition and in Tettnang. 73 to all of you, hpe cuagn sn de Christian, HB9BJL. (HB9BJL)

It was my first time participating in this event. Thank you all stationsJF2FIU / Mark (JF2FIU)

It's always a pleasure to work such highly skilled ops. (K5NT)

Just dipped in and out with a total of 7 hrs in the chair.As G4FOC I was mostly RUN, which attracted many non FOC calls. Good to hear so many joining in the fun. Which can only be a good thing for FOC's image and CW promotion. As others have said the Band conditions were not ideal. The K index being above 4 for most of the 24 hrs. Under these conditions my small wire dipoles make the going tough.Though offset somewhat by the new max power limit in the UK up from 400w to 1000w. Equipment used was Yaesu FTdx101MP tranceiver fed to an Alpha 87A Amplifier. Antennas were 80/40 fan dipole and a Cobwebb nest of dipoles for 20,15 & 10m @ around 50ft. USB Winkey with Schurr Profi twin paddle. Contest: FOCBWQP Band QSOs Pts FOC Pt/Q 3.5 8 8 7 1.0 7 39 39 30 1.0 14 130 130 70 1.0 21 85 85 57 1.0 28 43 43 38 1.0 Total 305 305 202 1.0 Score: 305 1 Mult = 1.5 Q's (G4FOC (G4BYG))

Just wanted to give the guys a couple of points. (W9ILY)

Limited operation, only just under 3 hours due family stuff. Odd conditions, hardly any activity on 40m to start on the Saturday morning here. 20m was good - Allan VK2GR and Barry VK2BJ were booming here early evening. A fun event as always. (G4BSW)


Los of fun as always. Unfortunately an ice storm limited operations on the 2nd day as the ice caused an extremely high swr on the quad. In the late afternoon the ice melted and I was back in business for a couple of hours Looking forward to the next one! Pat, NY2PO (NY2PO)

Lots of fun, even in those really bad conditions. I would have liked to have more contacts, but I am satisfied with having QSOs with 60 non-members involved in the QSO party. Thanks to everyone who connected me. 161 , Helga in3fhe (IN3FHE)

Lots of fun! Some of the strangest band conditions in my memory! (W4CK)

Many thanks for another very enjoyable FOC QSO Party. The solar distrubance was responsible for creating echos on many signals, especially on the lower band. Yet, it was great fun. See you again in September! 161, Tom, WG4FOC (K3TW) Lecanto, FL (WG4FOC (K3TW, OPR.))

My best ever score despite twin solar flares upsetting the bands. My K3S/SPE 1.3K combo worked well. Once again a real pleasure meeting old and new friends. My favourite event of the year. (G3SJJ)

My first entry. A fun ham activity. Dom KD2EPM (KD2EPM)

My first FOC QSO Party. Been wanting to become a FOC member, for a long time, but lacked the time to pursue this :) Hopefully soon! congrats to all ops for the class shown in the contacts and the camaraderie. 73 Mircea YO3XX Bucharest (YO3XX)

My first-time on the FOC QSO Party and really enjoyed the nice pace and friendly different greetings exchanged. ...from a casual CW contester/ragchewer with 70K+ CW QSO's in the log, this one is different! (K1TH)

Neat to pull 4K0CW,and YB0LRR out of the noise. Good to work some long time friends (W1FJ)

Nice and relaxed event. I ran mostly QRP into my new doublet, with a few QSOs at 20W. I put in about 6 hours in total, almost equally split between very early morning UTC and early afternoon UTC. Conditions were a bit strange in the afternoon UTC, with 20m almost silent and 10-15m quite iffy, at best. Flutter and deep QSB were the norm on almost all the bands. I later learned that an M5 solar flare had hit Earth around 1300z, hence the shambles on the bands. I managed a few 4-banders though, and only the 160m column remained blank. It was good to have several longer exchanges and a few proper rag-chews, which are well within the spirit of a QSO party (there is nothing to win and nothing to run for!). Thanks for the party, and CUL. (M0KTZ)

Nice event, but very poor HF conditions here in the north atlantic. (OY1CT)

Nice event! (DC1YY)

Nice party, but this time cond are bad (PA3EWG)

nice qso party (YO4LHR)

Nice to hear so many good CW fists on the air! Thanks to all for the FB FOC QSO's! 73, Dennis K6DF (K6DF)

No time to get involved this year, but very nice to be able to give out a proper 599A report! Some very watery signals around and not because of the wet weather, hi. 161 Jim G3YLA (G3YLA)


Not as many Qs as I had hoped. (K1DW)

Not as much DX with the solar storm but was fun. Good mix of members and non-members. (KC7V)

On spare rig as main one gone u/s. Programme logged bands incorrectly! So ended up using a paper check sheet! Conditions started good. Then became poor for simple aerials.One dupe not listed in the totals. (G3ZGC)

One Augie ND9M. Augie count now 459. (WB6BEE)

Only 7 hours 20 minutes due to neuropathy in my dominant arm following a bout with shingles. Wish I could have done more, but I couldn't stay in the chair more than an hour or so at a time. Nice to hear good participation from the non-members. Conditions were very poor and we had heavy rain most of the time along with high winds. 161 de Sig, N3RS/888 (N3RS)

Only item(s) to share would be: 1. Antenna G5RV Full size allowing 80m to 10m 2. Radio Icom 7610 3. ATU KAT500 That's about all Mike G4RMV (G4RMV)

Only spent 4.5 hours. Conditions very variable. Lots of non FOC callers. (VK2BJ)

Operated mobile on 20m only for a few hours. (W0VTT)

Overall, poor band conditions at the bottom of the globe. The 20m band is the only band that opened for NA and EU. It was nice to have a few member chats along the way. Thanks for the contacts. (VK2GR)

poor conditions weak and fluttery sigs 73 Hans OZ5DX (OZ5DX)

Propagation was not that good at tomes, but still loads of fun. Great to work so many non members. (K4QS)


QRP Entry: K2 at 5 watts into an end fed 40m half wave. As always, had a blast! (K5TF)

Rig at my Key West IOTA NA062 QTH is a K2/KAT100 ATU which I operated during the FOCQP at 75W to a 40M OCF Dipole strung around the deck of my condo at 15' above ground. I logged 12:00 hours of OTA time. Thunder/Lightning storms kept me off the air the 1st 7 hours of the QP. I was able to operate for 3 hours early Saturday morning but had to shut down again at 1200 UTC with more storms around. Sunday was a better day as the skies cleared and conditions on 15, 20 and 40 were quite good. I had fun, Dick, K2ZR/4 (K2ZR/4)

Run QRP 5w from a KX3 with FD4 tuned antenna (PC2F)

Second time I take part in this event. However I only had limited time this saturday. Nice meeting calls again. Most of them so well known for me over the Years. (OZ8AE)

Signals were weak most time. It was my first entry into CWQP. Sometimes it was hard to find participants. But it was fun anyway. (DL4KG)

sorry..had no time but i'm proud to be listed (IK6QRH)

special call sign for 100 yrs of salvage tug SEEFALKE with qth german shipping museum in Bremerhaven. Details Operator Heinz DF4BV 1904. (DK100DDSR)

Spent 18 hours behind the radios and had lot of fun. Many short conversations with the latest updates etc. Thanks to all who called me. The conditions seemed acceptable, however on Saturday strong Aurora and stations from the northern hemisphere sounded like far west coast stations. Read about the ice load at some stations in the US. Very sad. Thanks for organizing such a nice event and will take part in the September session for sure. Until then, many rag chew QSOs and see you on the bands! 161, Armin, DK9PY (DK9PY)

START-OF-LOG: 3.0 CREATED-BY: LM Version 4.10 (c) 1992, 2013 by DL8WAA LOCATION:Europe (France) CONTEST:FOCQP CALLSIGN:F3WT CATEGORY-OPERATOR: SINGLE-OP CATEGORY-TRANSMITTER: ONE CATEGORY-ASSISTED: NON-ASSISTED CATEGORY-POWER: LOW CATEGORY-STATION: FIXED CATEGORY-BAND: 20M CATEGORY-MODE: CW CLAIMED-SCORE: none OPERATORS: F3WT CLUB: NAME: Pierre Rothenburger EMAIL: SPECIFIC: ADDRESS: 16,boulevard de la Republique, 78000 Versailles SOAPBOX: NM no score, pleasure only QSO: 14000 CW 2024-03-23 2033 F3WT 599 PIERRE/NM VK2GR 599 ALLA 2169 0 QSO: 14000 CW 2024-03-23 2042 F3WT 599 PIERRE/NM 5Z4VJ 599 ANDY 1564 0 QSO: 14000 CW 2024-03-23 2056 F3WT 599 PIERRE/NM K3UL 599 BOB 2197 0 QSO: 14000 CW 2024-03-23 2114 F3WT 599 PIERRE/NM N5TOO 599 VAN 2212 0 QSO: 14000 CW 2024-03-23 2118 F3WT 599 PIERRE/NM K2NV 599 TONY 2007 0 QSO: 14000 (F3WT)

Started having wierd problems with some RF feedback. After troubleshooting, culprit was power supply. Murphy did it again. It is hard to challenge big signal in a pile up with just 75 watts and my "Little Princess", my dipole. (KP4DX)

Still running 5W QRP to a doublet antenna at 35 feet. Only a little time because i couldn't turn down an opportunity to go on a tour of the Amex Stadium, the home of Premiership Football Club Brighton & Hove Albion, where I am a season ticket holder. (G4BUE)

SWR was going through the roof by Saturday afternoon with 1.83 cm ice accumulation. I had to drop the power down to 30w for the final few hours. Power went out at 0237 for the next 36 hours, so I guess the timing was right! How nice to hear everyone. (K1SA)

Thank you 73 Frédéric (F5MNO)

Thank you for sponsoring the contest!! Enjoyed it!! Friendly folks. Antenna: 19' elev vert @ 31', 3 counterpoise wires @12' (AB5XM)

Thank you for the contacts. 73 to all! (OH3GD)

Thanks for a great event. (W5TM)

Thanks for the opportunity to again work FOC members, many of whom I work often in CWTs. It's always a lot of fun. 73, Jim N7US (N7US)

Thanks for the Q's. Always a pleasure. 161 Jarmo OH2BN (OH2BN)

Thanks for the QSOs! (OM2VL)

Thanks for the qsos! I had a good time in the event. It was fun and very good cw practice! 73, Larry (KF6NCX)

Thanks to all for the Q's. pitty some on turned the lights out after lunch. 161 thanks again to FOC for a fun time, Fred G3YJQ (G3YJQ)

The many solar flares made conditions "interesting". (W9RGB)

The pleasure to share cw passion with excellent operators (IK5TBK)

There were lots of non-members who were very active and appear in my log on multiple bands. I need to comb my logs to see if any of them also appear outside of contests so I can open a discussion about FOC membership. (N6NT)

This was a fun event as usual. Lots of non-member participation which was fantastic. (N2ATB)

This was a very enjoyable event. Good level of participation with great operators. Everyone was very friendly. Was worried I would feel like an outsider, but I felt welcomed. (K4LW)

This was my first FOC Event. I really enjoyed the contest! (KB3Z)

This was my first FOC QSO party. I enjoyed meeting other CW enthusiasts! (NS8O)

This was my first FOCQSO Party. Lots of fun and lots of great contacts. Thanks to all! (N9OL)

This was my first time participating in the event. Thoroughly enjoyed it! de Cathy W4CMG (W4CMG)

Too many non-ham duties limited my operating time to just 7 1/2 hours. Bands seemed quite good. I was disappointed to not hear more activity on 160 when I was QRV from 0400-0600z. I guess folks stayed on 40 & 80 where there was much more activity. (KZ5D)

Unexpectedly, I had the opportunity to visit our contesting site and sit at the radio. No computer, no internet, just radio and iPhone for logging. Only 1h40min BIC... (OK1RP)

Unfortunately I could be active only for a very short time due to a big family event (EA4BB)

Unfortunately I was only able to spend a couple of hours in the event. Hopefully in September I'll be able to devote more time to FOCQP. Nevertheless, it was great to chat with friends, old and new! (K4AEN)

USA signals were booming during the first hours on 7 MHz, but during daytime the bands were garbled by X- and multiple M-flares and finally a strong Aurora. Only two faint USA signals were barely identified on the higher bands... Cheers/73, Zaba OH1ZAA NP2ZA D4X (OH5ZA)

Very enjoyable as usual, except to say that most people are hell bent on getting a large total, hence treating it as JAC ( Just Another Contest ) which is a shame. I did have some nice exchanges bordering on conversation so I can't really complain. Good to see so many CW OPS in there too. Propagation bordering on auroral. (G3LDI)

Very enjoyable. Many thanks for all the new contacts. (G3WGE)

Very heavy rain which closed down my 2El HYBRID QUAD. At times just nothing on the bands, Saturday evening a lot better. (G0IBN)

Very limited time, but happy to be part of this event. In September I will put in a serious effort from SO5CW again. Thanks to Allen, N2KW for taking over the management of the FOC QSO Party. (DJ5CW)

very nice qso on 10m meeting usa europe , and nepal, see you next (SV1XG)

Very poor conditions in Southern Kentucky. (K4TZ)

Was just spinning the VFO and heard CQ BW....looked up what that meant and was glad to join in on the fun! (W4YDL)

What a fun event! Stormy weather and family commitments precluded me from spending more time on the air than I did, but it's always such a nice event that encourages everyone to get on the air at the same time. (W5FB)

What a fun event. Even with limited time, so good to meet so many members and to have even a quick exchange with them. Had a ball. Can't wait until September. (W4SV)

Wish I had more on the air time but enjoyed the short Q's and exchanges. (K2SG)

Wish I had more time to participate. Only worked briefly on the 20 meter band. Thanks and hope to see you next time. regards Bert PC4Y (PC4Y)

Worked my first FOC QSO party activity on 10m, 15m and 20m band conditions was slightly better and noisy on the bands. (VU3SPD)

Wow - that was fun! Tnx to all those good ears out there! (DL3YM)

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