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The FOC QSO Party (FOCQP), formerly known as the Bill Windle QSO Party (BWQP), is held twice a year and is open to all radio amateurs world-wide.

It's not a contest but, rather, an activity day in memory of Bill Windle, G8VG (SK), a past Chairman of FOC who was very keen that we should all be as active as possible on the bands. Stations participating in the FOCQP should call "CQ BW" in memory of Bill.

Participants have often reported this is one of their favourite operating events!

The idea behind the FOCQP is to offer some stress-free opportunity for FOC Members to meet and greet both other members and non-members.

Each one of us can make this event what you want it to be – some get on for a few casual QSOs, others spend several hours on different bands and still others treat it like a "mini-marathon".

The basic concept is just to work as many stations as you can over a 24-hour period, from:

Just call "CQ BW" from 015 to 040kHz on all bands, excluding the WARC bands. The exchange is: RST, name, and FOC number (non-members send RST and name).

Many people also take the opportunity to engage in longer QSOs; this is definitely encouraged but it is entirely up to you! However, please note, we still call "CQ BW" to initiate a QSO, a tribute to Bill Windle who did so much to foster activity in our Club.


The 2021 dates are TBA.


NOTE: This procedure has changed effective with the 12 Sept. 2020 QSO Party.

If you are interested in reporting your results during a FOCQP, simply log onto this website page and fill out the form: . It's as simple as that. No logs are required because we work on the honour system.

When reporting scores we separate according to: Europe, North America, North America “West Coast”, Asia, Africa and South America, and this is done automatically for you when you enter your information on the web form.

Reports are due 7 days after the event. A complete list of the stations who report, and their totals, will be included here on our public website. Handsome certificates are awarded to members and non-members on each continent reporting the highest number of QSOs.

28 March 2020 FOCQP

Attracts Highest Number of Participants Ever

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By Art, KZ5D (updated 25 May 2020)

 With the world-wide message, “Stay safe-Stay home” being the order of the day (or days, actually), FOC members and non-members turned to their radios to have a bit of fun on 28 March. The results were a record-breaking number of participants engaged in the event. Many stations reported reaching new personal records for the number of contacts during the 24 hour period. Decent propagation seemed to encourage folks to sit in the chair a bit longer than in some previous QPs.

When this event was conceived by several members who attended a W5FOC weekend 10 years ago, one of the goals was to encourage non-members to join in the fun meeting with members over the air. Year after year, we have seen the number of non-member contacts increase.  Another goal was to provide a specific day or two each year where the members could be assured of finding a large number of FOCers on the air. As we enter our 10th year of FOC QPs, both of these goals reached all-time highs in March. A total of 218 members sent in reports and certainly quite a few others took part and followed the suggestion of only submitting reports IF they wanted to be listed. A look at the results from members indicates many of them had about 1/3 of their contacts with non-members. In fact, 100 non-members submitted reports. This is huge increase over previous years.

While many members offered comments about how much they enjoy these events, there were others who were not as pleased and offered suggestions as to how they would like the event changed. I would recommend that if there are some variations that enough members want to see, why not host a totally separate event and set it up with different criteria. After all, our club promotes CW activity, so why limit our promotion to just a few days out of 365? (Marathon 2 days, FOC QP 2 days, etc.).

Bud, AA3B, set a new record for total QSOs while breaking through the 1,000 QSO barrier by a large margin. His report was 1,103/703. IK0YVV, Marco, set a new all-time record in Europe with 804/549. From the North  America West Coast, Riki, K7NJ, is the certificate winner with 488/374. 5B4AGN, Bob, turned in the highest total from Asia with 171/118 while Andy, EA8CN, reported 439/353 from Africa for top honors there. Oceania honors go to Barry, VK2BJ, with a total of 91/70. No entry received from South America.

Non-members who were active were able to amass a good number of QSOs with members. Leading the pack was Bob, W1SOC, with 422 while Ivo, 9A1AA had 317 to win the Europe certificate. West Coast NA leader was NA6O with 29 QSOs. Asia was well represented by 4Z4DX who had 144 QSOs with members and VK2GR from down under was the Oceania leader with 39. No entries received from South America.

No question that having so many hams confined to quarters contributed to the participation in our semi-annual event. But once you jump in, there’s lots of fun to be had. As we state in the information promoting each one of these events, make it what you want it to be. It’s an operating event that provides the opportunity to meet and greet plenty of FOC members as well as non-members from around the world. Put the next date on your calendar now – 12th September, 2020.




















North America












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South America

No Entry


No Entry


Member comments provide interesting reading. Here’s a capsule:

N5AW - Amazing to me some of the complaints about this event. Think the vast majority think it is fine the way it is though. I'm more concerned about things like lousy fists, key clicks, and poor operating practices of a few of our members!

G0ORH - Nice activity, not worked this many non-members ever! Plenty of activity to keep everyone happy....except the usual anti brigade! A mix of chatting to old friends, welcoming our new members to FOC family, and running. Leave BWQP alone... please, it's ok as it is.

F3OA - One could notice much more activity from non-members. Good thing!

K6ZB - Judging from the level of activity and the spirit of contacts, I’d say this has got to be one of the best operating events of the year. I always indicated interest in brief conversation and some of the contacts were wonderful opportunities to catch up with old friends. Obviously, the stay at home policies have contributed. That’s just another benefit of being a radio amateur.

IK0YVV - It has been a great BW QP this year. Spent 16 hours on the air. Conditions has been good on 20 and 80 while ... while 40m has been quite poor here despite some good opens to the west coast. Nice surprise find 15m open, but most of the guys were on 20m .

DJ1YFK - Being confined to home does not automatically mean there's unlimited time to play on the radio, because it also means that I have to keep my dear wife entertained  :-) As for the criticism by Georg, DK7LX, I have a split opinion. Yes, the BWQP has turned into something that was not intended originally. But then again, for a little pistol like me, this event (like the Marathon) is one of the rare opportunities to work some members who are not QRV at all outside these events, or don't particularly care for working Europe. I admit that chasing Windles and even Augies is a high priority for me. I am QRV every day for "rag chew" QSOs, so I am fine with the way the BW QSO Party evolved. I understand there are completely valid counterpoints.

W4YE- Lots of fun and several "rag chews" with members. No QSO's on 10 this year.

VK2BJ - I got up a little late this morning and switched on the rig on 80m to find G3XTT exactly on my switch on frequency, After working Don, I found that there had obviously been a good opening to Europe and I managed another 5 EU QSOs before the band faded out. My contacts were a mix of 599 type and chats of a few words or even sentences. I was also pleased to work some of our newest members. I see that there are complaints that there were too many non-members calling so that it was difficult to work members. I am a little mystified by that complaint as the BWQP is open to all comers with the intention of attracting participation by non-members. I enjoyed it and have no complaints other than conditions.

W1AO - I was amazed at how many non-FOC members called.  I even heard a few non-members work each other and exchange names.  In any event it's great PR for FOC and lots of fun - not to mention a great distraction during this time.

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