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The next FOC Bug Day is scheduled for:

Tuesday, 1st January 2019, 0000-2359z

There has been continued interest in an activity twice per year (to run alongside the Mechanical Key Days) where the  idea  is  to  get  on  the  air  using  those  bug  keys.  It  is  open  to  both  members  and  non-members. 

The exchange is expected to include, at the very least, a description of the bug being used.

Calling CQ Bug Day is suggested.

Please send a list of stations worked using bugs and your vote for best bug fist to Benny K5KV.  

A very special certificate will be presented to the winner. The certificate will honour Summer VE5SDH who was a fine bug operator and recently became silent key.

Participants can contact Benny K5KV at email listed above on with questions.

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