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The W5 Dinner

This social event is held every year during March or April and is the first FOC social event of the year.  It is open to members and their guests.


The W5FOC Event for 2020 will happen in Ocean Springs, MS, April 3 and 4.  You can come early or stay late at the same hotel event rates.  Maybe deep sea fishing, visit NASA, play golf.  More details later. 

You won't want to miss this as Ocean Springs will be a huge hit with your XYL as well. the picturesque community is well know for it's many boutiques and artisan shops. 

More details coming from Ken K5WK and Curt, N5CW.

The 2019 dinner was held April 5 - 7, 2019 in Lafayette, LA

The 2018 dinner was held in Santa Fe, NM.

The 2017 W5 FOC weekend was held in Fredericksburg, Texas.

The 2016 dinner was held in Dallas, TX

The 2015 dinner was in Austin, TX.

Photos by WB6BEE/2.

Photos by WB6BEE/2

The 2014 dinner, hosted by K1JD and KT5X, was held in Santa Fe, NM.

Photos below by N5AN and WB6BEE/2

WB6BEE, K5ALU and W7GKF visiting the W8ZR superstation
W4MQC and daughter Meredith
N5RW, K6RB, N5AM, KT5X and K6ZB out for a little Summits on the Air hike
N5AN, the photographer caught by the photographer (WB6BEE/2)
KR3E operating W5FOC
The Californians, K8RD and K6RB (N3BB and W0JX seated)
Our hosts, K1JD and KT5X
AK5X with his raffle prize
KZ5D and KT5X (a rare, hatless shot)
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N5AN, the photographer caught by the photographer (WB6BEE/2)

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