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We really don't want you to leave our site, but here are some other places which you might find interesting.

Solar Cycle 24 - watch hourly, daily & monthly progression of solar cycle 24.

Club Log - FOC DXCC league tables

High Speed CW Clubs


National Societies

ARRL - US National Society. RSGB - UK National Society. DARC - German National Society. JARL - Japanese National Society. URE - Spanish National Society. RAC - Canadian National Society. RARU - Russian National Society. LABRE - Brazilian National Society. ARI - Italian National Society. REF - French National Society. RCA - Argentinian National Society.

These are the major (highest number of members) ones. Others are listed here.

Low Power (QRP)

VK CW Operators' QRP Club, G-QRP, NAQRPCC, ScQRPions.

CW Clubs

FISTS - U.K.    FISTS - U.S.    Straight Key Century Club   CW Ops  Essex CW ARC

Morse Telegraph Club    SPAR    Second Class Operators' Club    Long Island CW Club

International CW Council

Software for training in Morse Code

Morse Trainer (by G4FON), Super Morse (by IW5EDI), RufzXP (by DL4MM & IV3XYM), Morse Runner (by VE3NEA), Morse Machine (by G4ILO), MorseGen (by G4ILO), MorseTest (by G4ILO), Morse Learner (from ZL), MorseCodeMadness (Sourceforge), Morse Code Teaching Machine (??), LCWO (by DJ1YFK), Android apps (by KG9E)


The Art & Skill of Radio Telegraphy by N0HFF (linked)

Morse Guide by WB8FSV

Morse Code and Phonetic Alphabets by Steve Phillips

PA3BWK Morse site 


Number of Operators by Country

K3WWP & his interesting polls


USA Frequency Allocation Chart (full spectrum)

Zen and the Art of Telegraphy by IK0YGJ

All you need to know about:

Scientific Units  Standard Date/Time format (ISO-8601:2004)  Standard Paper Sizes (ISO 216)

Standard Typographic units (font sizes)  Top Level Domains  Country Designations (ISO-3166)

Copyright Law  Currency Abbreviations (ISO 4217)  [also]


Some interesting restorations

Chevron Keys - Bencher - Begali - Schurr - Vibroplex - Kent - K8RA - March - I1QOD - N3ZN - Palm Radio - Flex Flyer - IK1OJM -Paddlette


MicroHAM - K1EL - Mtechnologies - Idiom Press - MFJ - Pico - Begali


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