First Class CW Operators' Club

Founded in 1938, and with its roots, history and management in the UK, The First Class CW Operators' Club (FOC) promotes good CW (Morse code) operating, activity, friendship and socialising via its worldwide membership of approximately 500. Members are active on all HF bands and the character of the club is best expressed in its motto.


"A man should keep his friendship in constant repair" - Samuel Johnson (1755)

  1. Foster and encourage a high standard of CW operating ability and behaviour on the amateur bands.
  2. Observe the licence conditions and principles of band planning.  
  3. Be considerate to other amateurs at all times.  
  4. Protect the future of the hobby through being active, encouraging newcomers and supporting a national society.


If you have a genuine love of CW with a minimum operating speed of 25 wpm, and enjoy socialising with others of like interest then FOC could be just right for you. It takes some work to join - it’s not simply a matter of filling in a form and sending off a cheque.

First, someone must nominate you - based on their experience of working you on CW on at least two bands within the last year and your sponsor’s belief that you will live up to the aims of the club that are listed above. While you may feel free to ask members for information about the club, actually asking to be nominated is frowned upon.

Once you have been nominated, and you accept, you are added to the Nominations List, which means that all FOC members know you are seeking further sponsorship.

You must then receive sponsorships from four more members within the next six months. Sponsors must come from at least two continents, with no more than three of the five from any one continent, and at least one must be from the UK. All sponsors must have a CW QSO with you on at least two bands.

In recent years, just over half of those nominated have gone on to attain membership. If you are active on the bands, particularly around 25kHz up from the band edge (10120 to 10125, 18080 to 18085 and 24905 to 24910kHz in the WARC bands, 5373 on 60m and 50095 on 6m), you will often find FOC members and, if you can hold a QSO at 25 WPM or so without your CW falling apart, you will find members eager to sponsor you.


3525, 5373, 7025, 10120, 14025, 18080, 21025, 24905, 28025 and 50095kHz


May: 17m


G3LIK, Mic


SM3CER, Jan, 2064
K7HP, Hank 2063
K5LY, Lee 2062
W4II, John 2061
GM4EVS, David 2060
K5OT, Larry 2059
YB4IR, Imam 2058
W4CI, Dave 2057
W8ZR, Jim 2056
VE3KI Richard 2055
EA4BB Fernando 2054
I1HJP Paolo 2053
JA1GZV Motoaki 2052
RX6CB Ed 2051
N2NL Dave 2050
NN6T Glen 2049
G0IBN Andy 2048
K0VXU Russ 2047


President  G3XTT, Don
Committee Chairman  GM3YTS, Rob
Committee Secretary  G3RWF, Nick
Membership Secretary  N4TY, Tyler
Internet Services  G4FON, Ray
Treasurer G3XTT, Don
Committee Member G3SXW, Roger
Committee Member KR3E, Ed
Committee Member AC5K, Wes
Committee Member G4BWP, Fred
Committee Member M0PCB, Iain


N4TY, Tyler
KR3E, Ed
G7VJR, Michael

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