It's my first time joining the FOC event

Fun event!

@HOME: TS-590SG + MFJ-1622 vertical balcony antenna (1.52m long, modified to 3.0m) at 11° floor! How many Friends! Great!
73 de Giu, IT9VDQ (one of IB9T)

Limited time as busy day getting ready for holiday, departed at 5pm.

Caught COVID-19 Positive test friday morning. Only to and from the BW this time. Condx were "so so"... - Could have been better. Nice to work a lot of friends. Many regulars. There are still (at least) one op. in EU who is only QRV in Contests - "Contest style" without any comments... - Well, I'm not a contester at all. Nice BW again. See you all in the next one :) 161 de Lars, LB2TB

Great choice of day, no other contests and conditions much improved.

Thanks for having the contest!  Enjoyed it.  Propagation not the best here today.  73

Conditions were very changeable. almost nothing on 10 meters
Pleasant to run into so many radio friends again.

As usual, all FOC are "First Class".

Non-member score report.

Decent conditions, just a pity 10m did not open from the UK. Great to see so many other stations working in the BW

Tnx for great fun! Its big pleasure for me to work with ufb ops like FOC! CUL Best 73 Adam SQ9S

Only 4 hours on air due to family issues. Very good conditions on 15m and 20m with long openings lasted well after sunset. I'm pleased to have met several new members! Many not members on log as well. See you next !!

Only had a short time to participate but it was great to hear some old friends again and say hello. 73 Tim ex-FOC 1623

Nice activity but condx not as favorable as they could be.

Thanks for all the QSO! 73!

I've been a ham for 45 years...a dedicated CW operator the whole time.  This was my first FOC event.  I enjoyed it very much, a good day to be on the radio, especially given the weather: Below 0C, 15cm of snow predicted overnight ;-(

This year I had very limited time. A very nice event, indeed.

It has been a pleasure to participate in this QSO party. All my QSOs were made with a Bug (Begali INTREPID). CU next QSO party.

73's Nacho EA4OR

Thanks everyone for being so welcoming!

Great event -- nice opportunity to hang out with great ops!

This was my first time, ever, in this contest, and I had no idea of the amount of activity. I was pleasantly surprised as the activity was sufficient to keep me interested. I will be back.

Thanks for keeping the music alive on the CW bands!

Excellent conditions. Enjoyed connecting with FOC members from all over. Thank you for the fun event. 73, Bob, K3ZGA

Had lots of fun. Worked some Auggies too.  Participation from non-members seemed a bit down this year.  15 m was very spotty and 10 m was nil here in CO.  Steve KW7Q

A lot of fun as always.  Some contest-style and a few chats.  Took the opportunity to welcome all four of the new members on the air.

John K1ESE

Limited time but was fun. Good event.

Great fun. Thanks for QSOs.
Ciao de Giovanni i2ift

This was a friendly group. Exchanges were more than 599 73

Nice hearing a lot of the club, while playing with the latest
firmware update for the K4 xcvrs.

Great fun with good opening on 15 Saturday afternoon. 40 was very good into EU Friday evening for those willing to stay up late.

Good to meet many old friends who I havent heard for a long time. JACK W1WEF

Great to hear old friends, and some new ones!
161  to all
Bill K0VBU

Note QTH is MN
Great fun worked many CWT members

Thanks for allowing me, a nonmember, to have fun in your nice QSO Party.  It's always fun to say hi to old and new friends.

I have a question, which is why the QSO Party isn't included on
https://www.3830scores.com/ .

BTW, I lived in AZ for many years before relocating back to IL in 2006.

73, Jim N7US

Improved conditions with some good contacts on the higher bands.

I just got my number just hours before the contest.  I could not believe how many members were saying "welcome to FOC"!!  Lots of fun. I had tons of fun!  Thanks everyone!

Thanks to all, it was fun, ve9vic

Great fun as always.

Great fun in the limited time I had to operate.  Worked all four new members and had some nice chats with old friends.  Highlight was having ZA1ME call me on 15m Saturday morning.  Never had an Albanian station call me before.

I always enjoy the activity of the BWQP.  Very nice to hear familiar calls and some new ones, or some I havent qsoed in a while.  161 all

Local QRN was a problem on 14 MHz, but on 7 MHz the parasitic director to the West of the vertical gave a good boost... Aurora started to affect 14 MHz after 1700Z, peaking 55 GW around 2000Z, then relaxed to low values. There was a good USA-opening on 7 MHz for almost an hour after 2230Z... Cheers/73, Zaba OH1ZAA

A very fun event, sort of an informal contest. Nice to greet many friends. Bands were good, 10m opened a bit.
Jose KP3W

A fun get together.

Always nice to chat with old friends of many decades.  Thanks for the great opportunity albeit short contacts.

Wow!  What fantastic ops!  And, I need a better receiving antenna for 40 and 80.  The S4 noise on 40 and 80 drowns out anything but the strongest stations.

Cndx vy fluttery and weak sigs most day. Worked nearly every station heard :(

Nice activity unfortunately I was not able to be more time on it.

A great group of operators. A pleasure to participate.

Conditions were fair 160 to 15 meters.  One QSO on 10 meters KH6LC. My Tennadyne LPDA lost it's balun during recent ice/wind storm. Operated low power, antenna a 270 ft 450 ohm feed doublet.

Something happened to N1MM+ (or possibly my computer) .  Most of the N1MM+ function keys didn't send as they were supposed to. It may have been caused by a corrupt update that I installed a day or so before the BWQP. As a partial work-around, I eventually figured out how to use some of the keys. I should have taken the time to trouble shoot this problem beginning with installing a previous version of N1MM+. But, I didn't want to spend the time doing this and possibly other things during the BWQP. I sure learned a lesson from this - any changes in the computer (including especially software) need to be completely checked out at least several days before any contest, etc.

FABULOUS!!  Again this year, I had the high honor and privilege of working the best CW operators on this planet!  I wouldn't miss the FOC events for anything, because I know I will swap QSOs with the cream of the crop in operators.  The courtesy and stellar efficiency demonstrated by FOC members is phenomenal and remarkable.
I give a special thanks and "high five" to all the operators I was privileged to work on 4 of the 5 bands on which I made contacts.
Congratulations all the way around!
--Dr. Larry S. Anderson NN5O
Tupelo, MS (birthplace of Elvis)

Other non ham radio activities limited my BW time to 2.5 hours. Rig: Flex 6400, Ten-Tec Titan 425, 1200 watts to 160 dipole at 50 ft, 80 dipole/40 inverted V at 50 ft, Classic 33 at 45 ft on 20, 15, 10. Had at least 2 FOC contacts on all bands 160 - 10.  Great fun.

Logged many new members. Condx was unstable and with lot of QSB at times.

Disappointing results for the time I spent, but it's just very difficult from this QTH.  Always fun though!!

Although I am not a FOC member I had fun making a few contacts and all the members who I did contact were very friendly and actually seemed to give real RST reports not the standard 5NN.  I hope to participate more in September.  Thanks to those who picked my my call.

This was my first time participating. I really enjoyed it.

I used my R9 vertical in Florida (with KPA500), vastly more difficult overall than the beams in Virginia (remotely accessed)!   Great fun nonetheless with many reacquaintances.  And I don't have N1MM set up to send so used the keyer, the old fashioned way!

My first time participating and enjoyed it. ZL is a long way from the main activity hubs and my vertical antenna and 400 watts only just enough.

I had much fun in this operating event using our Club Call WA2DHS. Many really good CW ops could copy/send the last two letters to the callsign in stride with no problems, but a few mangled the last two letters badly. 
Mike, W2KA operating BADXC Club Station WA2DHS

Lost my 10M antenna during a bad windstorm Sat morning but it didn't matter much since the band seemed dead until almost the end.  Very narrow openings on high bands. One signal would be strong and one in the same area was weak; later on they reversed.  Nice to work all four new members.

Unfortunately I was running a Radio Amateurs Intermediate Course all day so was very limited in time I could operate. Conditions seemed super except on 160m.

What fun!
My 100 watts and a wire reached out and touched good ops on 4 continents!

Great opening to EU from CA on 15 Saturday morning. Lots of non-members doing serious efforts.

Limited operating time.    My rotating 20 meter antenna is down and my fixed antennas are in the wrong directions.  Still, it was good fun.   I enjoyed the contacts.

                  Vy 161 & Aloha

My antenna is a long wire lying on the roof of the 4 story apartment building I moved into in early January. Hardware to suspend the wire 20 feet above the roof is on order and when installed I hope to have a better signal. In the BW I spent just under 4 hours to put 101 QSOs into my log.

Pleasure to work many FOC members.

Did more QSO than usual, very nice opening to USA on 15m. 161 Eric

Lot's of fun working other FOC members, thanks for all the great contacts! See you next time! Only operated about 6 hours...

Rig: K3/P3
Amp: Alpha 78
Ant: 4 el Stepper DB32
S/W: N1MM+

161 de N5XZ

Sent summary as N4BP by mistake, should have been W1SOC

The first FOCQP went well and I enjoyed it a lot. Too bad for the bands of 80 and 10 meters ..
I used HEXBEAM and DOUBLET (for 40m) antennas with 500W from IC 7300 driving TL922 with GS31B valve.
323 QSOs in all, of which 259 with FOC members
See you on the bands!

Elecraft K3 + KPA500 Amplifier

Force 12 C-4s (2 elements on 14/21/28 MHz shortened Dipole on 7 MHz)
Kelemen Dipole for 3.5 and 1.8 MHz

Thanks a lot for qso

Phil - HB9ARF

For the first time, I tried to be an active participant in a ham radio party event - interesting yes

Aurora/arctic flutter made receiving kind of challenging at times.

Just a great time, I was not able to work full time, but what time I did I thoroughly enjoyed it very much, Thanks to all for the qsos with 4 Australian stations over 3 bands 15,20, and 40.
Thanks FOC


Too busy outside in the pleasant Spring weather making antenna repairs

Good morning unfortunately for health reasons! I could not participate 100% in the event. for sure I hope next September thanks to all Enrico Ik1wno.

Short entry for the fun of it, as usual. Thanks to the ops saying "hi" to the SOC callsign  :)
73, Claude

Big fun, especially 15M was in a very good shape. At 08:30 UT WL7E on 15M with RST 599 was a surprize. The 25-th sunspot cycle is really in progress. Thanks to all, 161 Hardy dl1vdl.

Many other calls on my time so limited activity. Nice to work lots of new members and good to see that non-member activity continues to increase.

Glad to meet so many fine operators!

Conditions weren't brilliant, but nonetheless a thoroughly enjoyable event.  Kept checking 10m throughout the day, but nil.  Only one qso on that band which was with Andy (5Z4VJ) who seemed to making his own propagation! I was plagued with local interference on Saturday evening, which affected 40/80m quite badly, resulting in only 35 and 4 qso's on those bands respectively. Total of 232 FOC members worked, including several new ones.  Total on-time according to N1MM was only 8hrs.

Very difficult to attract some into a conversation, the main object seems to be contest oriented, but hey-ho I have said this before. I did have a few short chats however.  I was time limited due to family committments.

A really enjoyable activity and my first as a participant.
I found the majority of the stations worked very friendly and welcoming, several of which I have worked previously in the CWops (of which I am a member) CWT's.
I was using my Xiegu G90 set at 18W into a Diamond vertical antenna throughout and was pleasantly surprised at some of the RST reports received.
Great event, which I will join again .. many thanks / vy 73.

Hi all, being diagnosed with Covid, despite respiratory insufficiency I managed to stay 3 hours at the shack: 51 QSO, 6 non members. I cannot say it was fun but it was indeed relieving hearing many friends around the world.
161 Carlo IK0YGJ

What a wonderful event with HF bands bringing in signals from all continents. All my QSOs were on 20m & 15m, I cannot now use the LF bands.

For most of the time I spent on the air  I used 100w but later switched to my KX2 (10w) and was still working DX with the same antenna, a small GP on the roof..

I had to smile when I heard a member saying he was using QRP -  100w - That's QRO to me!

Sadly was only able to put in a few hours, but was good fun. Shame 10M failed us again.

Managed only 3 hours total in the chair, but thoroughly enjoyed the Party.  Dismayed by poor early morning conditions but these improved later on as I dipped in and out.  15m impressive.  Nothing heard on 10.

Thank you for the nice event

Late start and early end due to my birthday celebrations (75th)Now I can call myself a REAL OM.
8hrs and 13 mins in the chair.
I set my goal for 250 qso's and pleased to have beaten that by a decent margin.
Plenty of activity with 15m open for a good part of the event.
Great to work a lot of non members again.

FTdx101MP with Alpha 87a amp. Wire dipoles for all bands up 40-55ft.
N1MM+ software
WinKeyer USB
Schurr Profi-2 Paddle

 Band     QSOs     Pts  FOC  Pt/Q
   3.5      38      38   26   1.0
     7      86      86   52   1.0
    14     107     107   67   1.0
    21      87      87   73   1.0
    28       1       1    1   1.0
 Total     319     319  219   1.0
Score: 319
1 Mult = 1.5 Q's

Nice band openings except on 10.

Great fun as always. Not as much time spent on the air as I would have liked due to the after effects of catching Covid!

I spent 12:37 hours in the chair!   I had planned to spend a few more but at contact #299 I had a computer glitch which took me almost 4 hours to diagnose and fix.  Fortunately, nothing was lost except time. The log survived! My total FOC contacts were 401 with 227 different members.  I thought 15 was way down when compared with the Marathon and 10 meters was almost dead here.   I've seen 80 a lot better too. I was able to pick up 5 of my 8 remaining Augies.  The 4 newest members were all active and made my log!  They are my kind of members - active and participate in Club events.  Please keep up the good work guys! All in all it was a very enjoyable event.  Thanks for the contacts.

First time participant.  Felt members were very supportive and welcoming.  First Class.

The non-member turnout continues to grow, even multi-band QSOs. Biggest surprise was being called by a BA4 and ZA1. Guess our little affair has made an impression out there in DX land.

Rose and I just got back from a long day of traveling. Only worked a few hours Friday night and ran out of gas. This can happen when you turn 80! We had a dinner engagement on Saturday so missed prime time on the low bands.I enjoy working the non-members and have their names stored in my BWQP Call History file. This is always a fun event and a great PR event for FOC. Thanks for the Qs! My score for 10 hours of operation 488/365
161 - Tony K2NV

Boy! What a fun time. Great to see so many "locals" are members. And a great opportunity for some outstanding dx contacts. Good chance to make friends with my new key. Let
s do it again soon!

Great activity ! First time I spend more than 15 hours on air .

Was a pleasure again especially 15m open.

Conditions were poor, in my opinion. There were some moderately good openings, but overall most EU stations were weak or in the mud. Solar activity messed up conditions around midday Saturday. I was consistently beat out on S&P calls, which eventually got the best of me and I hung it up. Disappointed... generally.

I always enjoy this event but I was unable to put in much time for this one.

A pleasure to participate in this friendly QP. Good propagation in 20 and 15 mts. I enjoyed very much.
161 Francis

Bad conditions, but fun!

I am sorry I missed most of the party. We did a big shack cleaning and took lots of junk/precious objects to the Belton ham swap fest. We came home tired with only a few hours left in the party. I wish I had contacted every member.

Always nice to hear all the activity but a big surprise from strong signals both morning and afternoon Saturday from the VK members. Was able to reconnect with friends in a relaxed QSO Party as stations could take to time to get on the active bands.
Thanks for all the contacts.

Only able to operate a little over four hours.  Thanks for the QSO's.  I never seriously chased Augies, but I wonder whether Fabian could create a tool that would accept upload of ADIF's periodically so we could download a view of the members worked over time.  Like the Windle app, but with all 500+ members available.  What say, Fabian?  George VA2EBI

Excellent participation from the newer members! Somewhat disappointing EU FOC activity on 40m as conditions were very good with very loud signals from OM2VL and DK9PY and others. 15m was the best band to EU. 10m tried to open on occasions. Did open to Pac. Thanks to those who acquiesced and QSYd from 15m to 10m for Qs. Jim

The Aurora flutter began early Saturday evening which made copying a challenge. On ten meters I heard noting.

Thank you for the 2022 FOC QSO Party

I was low power - 100W.  Great activity and one of my favorite on-air events of the year.  Perhaps low power entrants could be indicated by an asterisks near their score when publishing?


Eric NM5M (2121)

Cool, a lot of participants, I love CW so I was happy when the CW competition was held in parallel with the WPX SSB

Disappointing there was no European opening on ten after being open almost every day recently. Other bands were decent though. Operated just over 7 hours.


first timer, it was fun!

Once again a most enjoyable BWQP, meeting up with old friends, many of whom I have met face to face in the past at social events in the US, mainland Europe and in the UK, and finding new ones. FOC at its best. 20m was stange at times, fading out and then 15m opening up. Local wx was warm and sunny so it was necessary to take advantage of that at times, even so managed one of my best scores in recent years. K3S, SPE 1.3K amp, A4S, 40m phased gp, 80m/40m dipoles and 160m inverted L.

Enjoyable FOC QSO Party with good conditions on 15m and 20m to North America that gave me the opportunity to work barefoot and with wire antennas many NA stations, some for the first time. Looking forward for the coming FOCQP.

Fast but very friendly event

As always i think this event is very nice. Good opportunity to do interesting DX and meet lot of FOC and not FOC members. This year I heard good activity on different bands and I enjoyed the party a lot. I hope to be free next FOC QSO Party date to take part in it and again have fun like this time. 73's to everyone and hope see you next time de IU0LJD Ernesto.

Thanks for the enjoyable and friendly time on-air!

Nice to work many friends and always sorry not to have more time to spend in the BWQP. 161 Jim

4 Augies and 70 Windles this time. Stopped early Saturday evening my time as noise levels on 160 and 80 were brutal. Used power between 5 and 90 watts resulting in some interesting RSTs. Thanks everyone.

I normally enjoy the casual greetings between members in this event. However, this year I had to operate remotely from the station and had no ability to use the paddle. So I probably sounded more robotic than I would have liked. Thanks for the Qs.

Good fun. Thanks.  I had a great time for the limited amount I had available.  Having non-members in the mix is a good idea and allows them to observe us and to meet. I'm looking forward to the Fall installment. 161, John

With 80w to a low end-fed wire, not much of a punch here. But a great opening to USA on 15m in the afternoon yielded quite a few Q's with stateside friends I haven't heard for years! And the golden ears of 5Z4VJ and 9J2BO were in form on 15m too.

As usual, this was again great fun: relaxed and courteous hunting for "prey"  wanting to be hunted, hi.

Lots of fun and worked many new FOC guys.  Also there were large number of non-FOC stations calling CQ BW. Used N1MM to send RST 5NN but next time will send real RST as the comments indicates that the real report is desired by many.  Still learning here.

Great moments contacting old and new friends. Thank you, everyone. 161!

I was late to the party. Only managed the last 3 hours or so.


In a limited amount of time [ 07:30 Hours ] I had fun.
Best catches for me were VK2IA and VK2GR on 40 meters at sunrise.

There was no snow, no rain, no clouds nor cold air temps to deal with so I'm outside,down by the sea 2 minutes away by bicycle. Daytime 80F/27C and night it is about 73F/23C

From my 2nd/top floor condo QTH in densely populated Old Town Key West, I send 90W of RF from my K2/KAT100 into a 40M Off Center Fed wire in a Vee shape with an apex angle of about 45 degrees heading north.
The 43' leg runs along the railing of my deck and is about 15' off of the ground. The 22' leg runs to the peak of my roof. To operate on 80M I connect the 22' short leg to my gutter system.Sometime it does and sometimes it doesn't load on 160?

Thanks to the members who hung in there with me; digging K2ZR/4 out of the ether of our planets' atmosphere.

Dick, K2ZR/4
Key West IOTA NA-062

73 de SM5SIC Göran

Had very little spare time to operate. Also my feedline to my SteppIR Yagi is open since January. Am waiting for help to fix it.
Used my 3/8 wave vertical per QST April 2019 QST on 20 meters.

My first FOC QSO Party (I'm not a member).  Two things were noticeable to an outsider.

1) FOC guys are friendly!
2) Many contacts sent a "real" RST such as 579 or 549.  Nice to hear something beyond the usual robotic "5nn".

I planned to do some antenna work this weekend but realized the WPX SSB was on, so decided to do some operating first.  Getting prepared, I looked at the WA7BNM calendar and saw that the FOC QP (BW) was also running.  That sounded a whole lot more interesting.  Not knowing what to expect, I listened for a while and got the feel for it.  Folks weren't generally on a speed trip and many stations were clearly sending the exchange plus some banter by hand, so I decided to use the paddles for most of my contacts.  It was very enjoyable and something I want to do again.  All in all, it was a very busy weekend.  I worked both contests and still took down and repaired my main antenna, an 80m horizontal loop.

Used "SD" by our member EI5DI easy to use, and it worked very well

Great event, great activity, great people. Nice to chat with members I met personally in Guildford and Florida.
Will not miss the September one.

161, Armin, DK9PY -2126-

Nice to meet the members, in superb HF conditions. Did get 6 augies, so happy !

I only had about 4 hours but enjoyed both leisurely and contest style contacts with members and non members alike. I was twice asked to QSY to 10m by W5 stations at times when I thought 10m would be closed. But it wasn't and successful QSOs were made both times. I have noted previously that particularly on 10m I can work W5 and often W0 stations when no other W's are audible. It must be an exceptional and repeatable path.

We had a lot of good band openings Saturday afternoon into Europe and Africa from the east coast of Virginia, particularly on 15 and 10 meters.  Even with my simple Carolina Windom Antenna, Andy 5Z4VJ was booming in on 15 meters for a prolonged period of time. During the closing 30 minutes of the contest as 160 meters started to open, it was interesting to see the number of RBN spots significantly spike as folks raced the clock. Great event!

Given a very sunny day and a lot of other things to do I was only able to operate for a number of short periods. Maybe 3 hours in total. Band conditions generally decent, especially 15m during the afternoon. Was very pleased to come on for the last hour on 40m where things seemed wide open to the US - consistent run with many US callers at genuine 599 - several of whom were for a first QSO. The newly joined members were very active and obviously enjoying themselves. Great event as always

I had limited time to participate due to an event that I attended all day Saturday. Virtually all of my QSOs were on 80, 40 and 20 meters.  I worked 3 VK stations and 2 of the 4 new members! 

100 watts to an OCF dipole here in Maine on the lake.

Bruce - W1FOC (K1AJ)

I could hope for a bit more cooperative bands here but there's no event more just plain fun than these BW parties...

I've enjoyed reading the various summaries and comments from this weekend's BWQP. Kudos to the Committee and my good friend Art, KZ5D, for the innovative idea to add this to the calendar. It's one of my highlights.
266 QSOs total in 4:40 hours.
Worked four of the most recent five members (thanks for the quick update on the most recent four) and got
KP3W, NR4A, W9SN, and K9VKY in the log. Didn't hear OH1RX.

One interesting QSO was to hear JA1NUT on 40 meters and Shin, (a very good ragchewing pal for years) and I had a great 40 minute natter. That alone was a highlight for me as I have missed our almost-daily early morning (for me) 40 meter contacts with my wife's caregiving situation.

In spite of limited time due to family obligations, I enjoyed participating in the BWQP.  Participation by non-members continues to be strong and I believe that is a good thing.  Thanks to Art for his efforts in organizing this event.

I was very impressed with the warm welcome put forth by the logged and not logged members which further demonstrated the fellowship within FOC. I thank you one and all.

Brian K9VKY

A Very enjoyable event with a notible turnout from so many good CW operators from all over the world. See you all next year.

Hung around on top band Saturday evening to try out my loaded vertical, but there wasn't much activity.

Unfortunately it collided with Mothers Day and the Family planned the get together for Saturday afternoon/evening so missed most of the event. good to see the level of activity and the non members joining in.

I had difficult candy on 15 meters Saturday morning.

Then there was something about a water heater I needed to attend to so that severely limited my hamming for Saturday.  However I was thrilled to QSO the ppl I was able to QSO.  I am running a Icom 7610 with only 100 watts so you can imagine I was happy when VK2GR heard me the first time I called him.  It was a FB time.

Operating a FOC contest from the East Coast is certainly different than from the West Coast! There are many callsigns that I never heard in Seattle. Just dabbled a little with my LP and thin wire in the coconut trees. Lots of fun

My 2nd FOC BW QSO Party, and I am really enjoyed it. Nice opening on 20/15m. On 10m I work 1 USA station + few EU's. Unfortunately on 160m very low activity. Thank you very much for the QSO's.

161, Laci OM2VL

not a fulltime but great pleasure meet new and old friends. Condidx were just fair and ten didnt open, had fun anyway. Thanks and See you on the band. Tof dj6zm

Checklog, 2 QSOs with 5Z4VJ, Andy 1564 on 20m and 15m

Conditions in SE Australia were average at best.

The 80m band was not open for DX, with the a very noisy 40m band. The 20m band was my money band with some polar paths from EU.  The 15m and 10m bands did not open to EU and only just opened to NA.

Had some unexpected commitments arise, so could only put in just over 8 hours.   Thanks to all for the QSO's!  161,  Gator, N5RZ  #2138

Thanks to all for the nice QSO party, I have enjoyed it very much.

161 Jean

I had again much fun but it seems to be others preferred contest mode with 5nn only.

A splendid get-together!

I thought conditions on 20 M have improved. I worked Peter, OX3XR and Allan, VK2GR within a few minutes of each other at about 2300 Z. I was delighted to work Andy, 5Z4VJ earlier in the afternoon. On a somewhat negative note I think one non-Member might have been using a code reader as he seemed to be impervious to my bug fist (possibly no surprise there) but also my straight key fist! He finally woke up when I used my paddle. Age and arthritis are creeping up on me so I may have to resort to using my VE2QLF call!

it was great fun agn!

Due to other important duties, I operated only for a short time.
My balcony antenna, a Hustler Mobile vertical 10-15-20 mtrs, worked very good to USA. I use this antenna because the base antenna ZS6BKW will not work on 15 mtrs.
Enjoyed this QSO party and looking forward to meet more FOC friends.
161 Hans / PC4E

Always Fun!  No Pressure.

I entered the FOC Marathon "Restricted Class" with 100 watts output to simple wire antennas.

Highlights were QSOs with 9J2BO, 5Z4VJ and two VK2s on 20m Long Path, all with great signals.  I also worked all four new FOC Members.

See you in September!

Had to work on Saturday, the day and evenings been busy in my pharmacy, so not much time left for the radio.

As always, a very enjoyable social event.

It was nice to renew a few old friendships with a brief chat as well as work some new members I had not worked before.  Sadly, on the Monday following the BWQP, I lost one of my two towers which will put me off the air on 160, 40, and 10 meters.  Hopefully things will get rebuilt by the end of the Summer.

161 de Sig, N3RS

tnx for all the QSOs

The Thursday before the BWQP my 15 year old balun on my tribander decided it was a good day to dye and so it did.  I made an abbreviated run on a 43' vertical using 400 watts.  I always enjoy saying hello to old friends and making a few new ones.

We had problems with our power due to a 11 Kv line going down, so could not get on till 16:00 local. It was great to meet old and new friends. The friendly atmosphere is a great antidote to the troubles in the world. Long may it continue.

Not much time due to conflicting issues, but I did manage to sneak in a few QSOs in support.

Great event;learned much about how to do "runs" as well as S & P technique.

As always I really enjoyed the event.  Bands seemed better than in the recent past.  As per usual, I did not operate the whole event.  My "ON Time" was 8.1 H according to my logger.

Used limited time.Conditions were good on 40 20 and 15m

GA All

        Just a few hours playing around and checking propagation.   It seems like we

            will be in for a fun time in this years Marathon.  I can't wait !!

                    207 QSO's     167 members  and  40 non members

                                161  BoB WA1FCN

Limited time for the QP this time. But I was still able to enjoy 3 hours of fun on the bands, thanks to all stations worked.
161/Peter SM2CEW

A fun event, as always!

I did not run QRP, as I usually do in the Marathon and other contest events. I ran 70 watts to my vertical. I also installed an inverted L for 160 meters, and that gave me a little more distance on that band.

Still running 5W QRP to my 132ft doublet folded into the garden 30ft high, so thanks to all the members who heard me.

Antenna problem.

Had fun when able to get on. Some members were after the next QSO before I had said 161's. More like contesting than  fun time to me.
Ray  G3KOJ   FOC1930

I would appreciate honest reports.  RST 599 is not helpful to a little pistol.

Greatest time ever with good conditions throughout.  One of my very favourite outings!

only managed to find enough free time to get on for 20 minutes...