FOC QSO Party: September 2020

Full Members Comments

W0CCA – Shucks, only 26 miles from Utah border, counts me out of the West Coast gang I guess. Can tell you EU no stronger here than in those places:)

K3MD – Limited involvement due to operating ARRL Sept. VHF QSO Party and chores.

DG4FON – Conditions were grim – I only heard a couple of US stations and even my hoped for grey line propagation came to nothing. Still it was a fun day, roll on the next one.

OZ2A – Had limited time due to celebration of xyl and my own birthday and with our house full of guests. Found however a little time to spend in the shack. Always very enjoyable.

RM2D – Reached 350 different members in 2020 during BW QP. Three and half months left. Hope the remaining 50 will also be more active than the first three quarters;)

SD1A – Very nice event as usual, thanks everyone!

G4HZV – Pity about the conditions, but still good fun.

M3X – Poor conditions and very laborious to get a decent score.

GW4OKT – Great to catch up with members, but terrible propagation.


K5LY – Noted several non-members participating. Enjoyed first time QSO's with some members, and managed to work several on 3 or more bands.

OX3XR – A K-Index of 5 (red bar) measured at College/Alaska (K-Indexes from that station fits best to OX) on Saturday morning made it difficult and condx were well below average as observed here in Southwest Greenland (Nuuk). All signals were weak. Few contacts on 40 and 80 m. 20 m best.

K5RC – Great participation. Lots of old friends in the fray.

VE3GFN - My first FOC QP ... lots of fun, and a horde of well wishers with welcomes for this "new kid on the block". I was battling intermittent high static all through the contest, which would simply remove all but the loudest sigs from my receiver ... very frustrating. Amazing how many familiar callsigns, from my years of contesting, turned up as FOC members! Used an ICOM IC7610, a 3-element tree-band Yagi, an "inverted V" fed with open line, and a Butternut vertical. A typical "Little Pistol"

K4QS – Amp failed, so I was limited to 100W for the event. Changed tactics and had a different kind of fun. 

K3WW – Nice to work lots of members and others.

4Z4KX – Terrible condition and low activity from THE FOC members.

DL3AZ – Great fun as always. Unfortunately limited operating time due working commitments. Thanks to all participants!

ZM4G (=ZL2IFB) - Most QSOs made me smile but Nigel G3TXF made me laugh: he was having trouble copying my call on 40m, requiring several repeats and QRS but, in the end, his legendary hearing did the business. He then apologised for being deaf! Tnx all.

G3YLA – Very enjoyable again and thanks for all the first time QSOs. Great to see many non-members calling in too. Conditions reasonable, but activity a bit thin at times. 

N3JT – Always nice to meet with "old" friends!

K1AJ – Conditions were really strange at times. Pretty good score for me with 100 watts to a OCF dipole up in the trees here by the lake in Maine. Good to work so many non-members.

K2NV – Always a fun event. Decided to stay home and work BW instead of going sailing. It was a tough choice since the WX was beautiful! I spent just over 6 hours of operation. Conditions were OK on 40 and 20 but not one QSO on 15 or 10. Thanks for the QSO's. 161 Tony K2NV

N4FP – Great QSO Party but didn't seem to be quite as much activity as the Spring Party. Nothing on 15 or 10 meters. Had a bad wind storm Saturday afternoon and entire neighbourhood lost power for over 3 hours. I figure that cost me 100 contacts. Operated a total of 9 hours. Looking forward to the next party.

DL4CF – Good fun as usual. But Condx were rather poor.

W1UU – I was very pleased to meet my personal goals of more than 200 FOC members, but fell short reaching 300 Qs. I was running 75 watts to my 43' vertical. I even took a 3-mile virtual walk to celebrate the Boston Marathon! It cleared my brain so I could work on my QSO goals!

N5RR – Conditions not the best, but I had a great time working the FOC members.

K5WK – It was nice to bump into calls I do not hear often.

K5KV – SM2CEW and I had a bug rag chew when we hooked up in the BWQP. It was a blast lasting 20 minutes. Thanks to all the BW ops who let us carry on in the middle of the action. FOC has some courteous operators. 

NM5M – I operated low power. The BW is one of my favourite events of the year, always nice to connect with friends. 

UA9BA – This BWQP gives a great chance to say hello to lotsa good friends! Enjoyed every QSO! CU all again soon.

ND9M – Good fun!

R7KZ – Three hours before the end of Party my K-3 went "caput". Over all, it was a lot of FUN.

K7HP – Think I worked more non NA stations than I ever have in a BWQP- thanks to all who dug me out.

G3ZGC – 20m poor, 15m dreadful, 10m propagation non existent. No Ws heard on 160m. 80m and 40m ok. 80m LW, 40m-10m choice of half size G5RV or SteppIR vertical. Some stations better on the vertical some better on the half size G5RV.

YO3FLR – It was a pleasure to take part in this event, and meet friends, despite the noise and band conditions. I am happy to see that BWQP is growing in number of non-FOC participants.

PA5TT – Saturday morning real bad condx.

G4FOC – Operator G4BWP. One Windle for my own log.

G0ORH – Only bit part at the weekend, have grand children here so being kept busy and sneaking off for a few QSO here and there. but beam is stuck at North as the Pro SisTel Big Boy rotator is broke......grrrrrr Used my new Rig Yaesu FTDX101MP....its great. 

OZ5DX – I had limited time. And conditions poor. Thanks to all.

DF4BV  Conditions on lower bands acceptable to ufb but 15/10m completely dead. Anyhow nice to meet friends on air to found out that FOC friends are not infected by COVID-19 . Let's hope the best for the future.

G3YJQ – What a great event, sorry I was only able to operate only a short time.

G3LDI – Being a "QSO" party I did try to encourage conversation, and several people did have a brief chat. However there are those that totally ignored my attempts and just ditched me as quick as possible. Each to his own I guess! Propagation was dire, busy in the garden most of the day, but enjoyed the event. Thanks to all for the contacts.

G3WGV – With the SFI at just 69 my expectations were not high and sure enough there were no QSOs to be made from my QTH in 15m or 10m. 20m on the other have seemed to have a pipeline open to W5/W6/W7 for hours on end. LF Was pretty good too, with east coast USA coming through on 80m an hour or more before their sunset. This sunspot minimum has hung around for long enough now – the Palos Verde Sun Dancers need to up their game!

G3YXX – 80M was unexpectedly busy, as mentioned on the reflector. Technical issues. Since rearranging my shack, I have RF into the PC on 20/15 so used only 50W making life a little more challenging. Nice to be called by so many non-FOC stations.

DF4XX – Great fun, but poor condx.

GM4EVS – Better band conditions compared to the March 2020 BWQP.

GM4SID – I have not put any effort into CQBW lately but found a little more time for it this time and enjoyed good band conditions which made it even more enjoyable.

LB6GG  - I'm very pleased with my result in the September BWQP; 373/262, running low power. Conditions on 20 meters and higher was not the very best overall, but 20 opened up nicely to Stateside on Saturday afternoon and early evening. 40 and 80 meters was very good, and I was very pleased with nailing both Andy 5Z4VJ and Kam TI5/N3KS on 40 meters. Big thanks to both for hearing my tiny low power "chirps", as I know both Andy and Kam was pretty busy with pileups from EU and North America respectively. My main focus was trying to work as many "new ones" as possible, and I ended up with 29 FOC members that I hadn't worked before, and I felt very humble after working Ellen W1YL/7 on 40 meters, early Saturday morning local time. Seems like my 2 x 27 meter doublet up 15 meters, still works very nicely on 40 and 80. Nice to see great activity from non-members as well! Now I just can't wait until Marathon! 

G8VG – Local QRM S9 at times but meeting old and new friends made the day.

W4ZYT – Relaxed, S&P operation for a few hours. Nice to see old friends, and increased interest in the event from non-members. Conditions were sketchy – nothing at all for me on 160, 15 and 10. Pleasantly surprised to work ZL and VK early Saturday morning here. Take good care all and stay well.

N4AF – Fun as always.

GM3WUX – Not a serious effort as I had commitments through the day, including the COVID apology for the Last Night of the Proms.

5Z4VJ – Plagued by local noise from solar panels, plasma TV and other junk in my downtown Nairobi location so apologies for being deaf at times. Great openings to West Coast on 40m and 20m. Nice opening to W5 on 15m. Great fun as always. 

G3JUL - Am in total Lockdown for C19 due to health and age but arranged for nil visitors with Food so could be QRV all daylight hours. I am sorry but it dud not work out that way and I gave up trying.! I am not happy about it. A lost Operating day with FOC's and prospective FOC'ers. 

WB2YQH - This was my first extended use of my new IC-7610 and it played like a fine tune violin. Conditions not very good as 20 metres would go in and out like a yo-yo.

W0JX – Worked more non-members than in previous BWQP's which shows a high interest in FOC. Only 3 QSO's on 15 and none on 10. Good opportunity to check out my new 40M half-square antenna. Overall, conditions were marginal on all bands but it was still a very enjoyable operating event.

W4WF – After setting up for NA Sprint contest, heard some loud signals from friends and club members, so I thought I'd tune around and work a few. Always impressed with the caliber of operators in FOC events. 

K2YWE – I spent about three hours during the day in the BWQP using my K3AU club call sign. As always, it was pleasant to see old friends and meet new ones. My apologies to those I did not hear or could not pull through my high noise level.

G4BYG – Just a short couple of sessions but enjoyed the time spent. All but a few were from Run CQ's Hence the number of Non Member Q's Nice to work so many who were interested in the BWQP. Awful noise level here these days so apologies to those who I struggled with at times with repeat requests. Need a remote RX or move to a quieter QTH.

K5DU – I shared the station with K5NA. We could operate simultaneously but not on the same band at the same time. We still get along OK. Mostly I was s & p except on 15 meters where I called CQ into the ether for several 15 minute slots. Thanks to N3BB for the 6-bander; my first 160 contact in several years. He was not too loud but I forgot I had no receive antenna attached to my radio.

G3IZD - I found very little activity during the event with my limited time available. Good to exchange with old friends though. My one QSO on 15 with Andy G3AB on his travels ( travails?) in HZ.

K2QMF – Always Great to work so many of our Members. Already looking forward to the next BWQP!! 

N2ATB – The BWQP is always a fun event. It seemed that we had more non-member participation this time which is great.

W1RM – Conditions were not wonderful.

FG8NY – A lot of fun to participate in this new edition and meet friends.

AK5X - Conditions were much better for DX from my corner of NA. I was able to log the following: SM@EKM F5IN DK9PY G3TXF HA9RT F5VHY GM3YTS G4FOC F4VSM G3WGV DL2CC 5Z4VJ 9A1AA VK2BJ The last BWQP was all North America for me..a nice turn of events and great fun.

WR5U – I really enjoy this event, and look forward to spring BWQP 2021! 

DJ1YFK – Limited time but unlimited fun.

IK0IXI/0 – First FOC QP operating from camping lodge with 100W and a Doublet antenna tied up on trees. Good conditions on 80m and to my great surprise several NA members replied to my CQs. I would have done a lot more but it was my last day there. See you next.

K7UOT – Dismal band conditions in Utah.

KC7V – Scraped out a bit of time to get some operating in. Was fun for the time I had available.

K0VBU – Sorry for the limited participation. XYL's birthday.... See you all next time.

N5AW – 117 different members. Nice to work 5Z4VJ on 15, 20 and 40. 3 bands also with DK9PY and G3RWF. 3 1/2 hours operation.

ON4IZ – Squeezed in a few hours operating between hospital duty in Corona-team and unexpected family duties. Used only my war surplus German key bought when I was 15.

W0ZR – Conditions were not all that great but I had fun renewing some old relationships and starting some new ones. Only worked 20 and 40 meters. Also I only had limited time but still fun.

AC5XK – Everyone was very patient with my 4 watts on 20 meters from a dipole in Orleans, Massachusetts. 

N4AR – Lots of old friends and we took advantage to catch up a bit. Terrific activity. Keep them coming. 

CT7AGZ - Thanks to all who contacted me, met a few members for the first time. Conditions weren't brilliant, kept checking/calling on the higher bands, but 10m was totally dead and only made 3 QSO on 15m. Local noise here caused significant problems for me on 40/80m.

PA0VDV – Age up means result down.

OY1CT – Poor conditions here, few QSOs thanks to them who made it.

OK1RR – Bad propagation on 20, absolutely dead 15 & 10 – as usual.

AD5XI – Everything but CQ calls was hand sent. Quality over quantity is what makes this event so enjoyable.

N5RZ – Thanks to all for the QSO's this weekend. Great activity under less then optimal condx. 

K3ZO - I quit early in order to rest a bit before entering the ARRL September VHF Contest which started at 1800 GMT Saturday. I would urge even those who believe that their signals are too weak to make it practical, to try calling CQ now and then anyway. On 80 metres I observed a few European members who were putting fine signals into North America but who were heard only calling other members. Most notably Pablo IK1IXI/0 who was beautiful copy over here from his portable location. I was using a new Orion rotor on my 40 meter Yagi, replacing the venerable Telrex rotor which lasted for 45 years. The Orion swings around much faster so I kept over-passing those I was trying to aim at.

K3LU – I wish I could have spent more time but the few hours I did I had fun. Too bad some stations I only hear during contests and FOC events. I am looking forward to the BW QP or Marathon. 

IK0YGJ – Started this morning at 6 UTC until 9 UTC, then took over again from 17 UTC up to now: 67 QSO with 55 members (2 non-members). Unfortunately I am limited to 40 m and 20 m, since at least for my vertical antenna, upper bands were completely mute, and no 80m on this side due to a failure on my SGC tuner. But the fun was great! 161 de Carlo IK0YGJ

DF2IC – Saturday was my mother-in-law 80th birthday and my LF bands antenna was down, so only a handful of contacts on 20m. CU next party!

HB9BFQ – Great result with a magnetic antenna 90 cm diameter and 1.5 m above ground.

G3RWF – Condx quite reasonable but nothing on 10m and only 3 on 15m – 2 UK and 5Z4VJ (thanks Andy)! In the interests of neatness I went to bed when I had 300 QSOs in the log! Good fun – thanks everyone. 

G4BUE – Little time due to other commitments but nice to bump into many old friends.

KZ5D – Only had a bit of 6 hours to operate what with work and family duties, but thoroughly enjoyed the chance to catch up with so many friends.

W5ZO – Great to see old friends.

VA3FOC – I was pleased to see the relatively high number of non-members taking part of QSO Party. Also, no DQRM that has happened in the past. No surprise about the band conditions on 15 and 10 meters. Sending a true report is helpful. A couple of 339-s and 449-s confirmed that there was a problem with my antennae. As it turned out, with the radio as well, so I had to cut short my participation this time... Thank you all for the QSO-s!

G3SWH – I enjoyed the limited time I had available to participate.

K2KRG – I was not able to operate for very long and made a few more from my truck while driving. A great event and always fun.

N8DE – Only on 40m due to antenna problem and very limited time. Glad to work 5Z4VJ with 80 watts and a vertical!

KR3E – Re-sending because I don't remember receiving an email confirmation.

G4RMV – Great to be able to work so many old friends and also some new ones. No Beams, No Towers, just a G5RV at 10m, 30' (99'ASL) 100w barefoot but I do have more when I need it but not on BWQP. 

EA4BB – Active in the QSO party for the first time in a long time. It was a lot of fun to contact so many good friends after being QRT for many months. Really enjoyed myself, and looking forward to the next one! 

G3ZRJ – Hard going but glad to give out some contacts, 80W to home brew Windom at 35 feet.

G0BQV – Very limited time spent, but enjoyed myself.

W6RGG – Limited time, and power line noise, but had fun greeting old friends and meeting new ones.

KF7E – Between rotten prop and other commitments (birthday) I could just not catch the wave and run a good opening. Still, worked a couple of the new members, and several friends of long standing. So quality instead of quantity

IK0YVV - Due to family duties i spent just 7 hours on the chair. Cndx were quite poor in almost all bands ... probably the best bands has been 80m here. Activity level seems not very high ... catch u tin on the air. 

DK2GZ – Managed a few hours in the morning and evening.

N3BB – Very good activity, but this weekend the BWQP was concurrent with the Texas QSO Party and my favourite contest, the NA Sprint. So with a "surfeit of riches," the TQP fell off the map and I didn't get as much activity in the BWQP as I would normally like. Had only four six-banders: K5OT, K5DU, N5AW, and K6ZB. All within 80 miles so ten and fifteen meter moves were possible. I really like the BW format, and one can go lickety-split or chat for a bit. Really enjoyed some of both. Thanks to my very good pal KZ5D for the concept and for great participation by both club members and prospective members. 

WB0SND – I always enjoy this event and meeting up with fellow ham members and non-members. I really like that it's ok to say hello and comment to the other station rather than just high speed contest QSO's. Unfortunately, due to my second job, I was only able to put in 3.3 hours this time. Hopefully next time I will be able to spend more time. 

W4TJE – 20 and 40 were in great shape, but 15 was dead. My guess is we'll see better days on the higher bands next time.

N5CW – Fun as always to make SOS and some cheeseparing along the way. Antenna was a low 80 horizontal loop all the way with 300W. All contacts on 80,40 and 20. 

W4YE – Thanks for the QSO's. one contact on 15! nil on 10!

N3RS – This weekend was a busy one for us, with family finally coming for a visit and several other commitments that prevented a greater effort from here. I did squeeze in 4 hours +/- a few minutes. I wish I had more time, as it was nice to work many old friends as well as a few new ones. Stay well and be safe.

HB0/DL5YM – Shared time with Tina (hb0/dl5yL9 here.

ZL1MH  All on 20m. Highlight fb so with Bob W6RGG (Bob & I go back a long way to 1963 or '64 when I was VS1LU & 9M4LU). Thanks to all who had patience to copy me in poor condx here.

OE2BZL – Now everything is ok in my new/old permanent QTH in Austria. Therefore I could again enjoy the FOC QSO Party Conditions were not the best but managed to have over 250 QSOS. See you on the bands. If you don't know DK5AD is QRT. 

JS2AHG – CONDX was toooo poooor. I have made hundreds/thousands CQ BW on 80/40 & 20m band with 500W to KW power during the FQP. It was boring and I've been just wasting time and consuming electric power. No fun at all. 

K1SA – Oh, my....not a single QSO on 15M. Could we change the rules to allow us to work ourselves next year?.....

W4WJ – 93 non-member Q's! Amazing. Some really good sounding ops whom I will be looking for down the log! BW is always a lot of fun despite the flat conditions. Always a thrill to have Barry, VK2BJ call me on my CQ 20m LP! TNX to all who called me and to those who dug me out of their noise floor! 

SV1AOW – Limited participation hrs and bad condx.

G4BSW- Good fun in spite of poor conditions on the higher bands. Good to work old friends and many new ones.

VK6GX – Very limited time available, but great fun. 40m LP USA working well. 

K2RSK – I like the FOC QSO Party for the fact it is a bit more casual and lay back activity so as to say an extra Hello plus Greetings to our newer/newest members...

G0EFO – Great to meet new members and to catch up with old friends. Very poor conditions. Nothing but noise heard on 10 or 15m. 80m was the most productive. 40m noise level very high.

K6KII – Nil heard on either 10 or 15 meters. Looking toward the 2021 FOC Marathon I'm working on a temporary array pointed toward Europe which should make a difference!

G3LHJ  Very enjoyable as ever, nice to say hi to all the regulars and in some cases a little chat' in particular to the guys that I don't hear to often, condx's could have been better, nil on 10 or 15M, although did hear about Andy 5Z4VJ was on 15M, 40M was very noisy during the day, but the stateside guys OK after dark & up to the end, much the same as 80M, nil QRV on 160. Looking forward to the next QSO Party. 

K5KG – A very pleasant event, as always. I really enjoy exchanges names, and having some occasional chit-chats. 

ZL2AGY – A pleasant relaxed activity – just a pity the high bands were absolutely useless!

VE2AEJ – My rural VE2AEJ location is electrically quiet – unlike my urban VE3HX location so it was a treat for me to operate field day style using generator power on a beautiful September day. Part of the time was spent helping my son and grandson to cut down a couple of trees which were snagging the elements of my 20M beam. Some operators using computer logging may have been wondering why my FOC number didn't match my call sign! I don't announce my intention to go to Quebec because I am never certain whether the weather, etc. will cooperate.

G3LIK – I had other family things to attend.

WA9AQN – Great fun, part time, good to connect with all, whether a quickie or a brief chat. It is a delight to have some events when so many members can connect, like working the room without a beer, sadly. 

OH2EA – Rough going in these condx with 100w and a low end-fed wire. But always fun; meeting friends, new and old, is always a pleasure.

N6XI – Operated from Silicon Valley station.

VK2BJ – I only managed 30 minutes on 40m for 22 QSOs and 40 minutes on 20m for 29 QSOs. Activity seemed fairly high during the short time I was on.

K5TF – As always, a lot of fun.

N9RV – Was a bit challenging this year, but 20 meters at least opened to EU a bit. Tried to CQ to Asia and OC, but not a lot of responses in that direction. Nice to work many familiar folks.

AC2K – Limited time for the event as I was having trouble with my antenna tuner. But as always, the BW QP was a fun event.

WG4FOC (K3TW) - Band conditions and activity were excellent from here in Florida.

K0XX – Only had a few hours for this one. Good to work Shin. 

F3OA – Sri very modest score: my El-bug failed after a few QSO, I cud repair but too late...anyway, still a nice experience!