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The 22 Sept. 2018 FOCQP

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Lack of Sunspots Doesn’t Stop the Party - by Art, KZ5D

“The QSO Party is a bright spot in my life.” That’s how Ned, W1RAN, summed up the semi-annual FOC QP in September.  Judging from the comments included with reports, the lack of sunspots may have been a bit discouraging, but did not prevent a great turnout for the 22 September affair. No question that the number of transatlantic QSOs were down for most, if not all, participants. But in spite of the poor conditions, the common thread of the reports was that it was still a fun day on the radio!

Ned’s comments were included in his report of working 66 contacts over the 24 hour period. This underscores what our focus should be in this semi-annual event. The FOC QP is the opportunity for all of us to get on the air and have fun contacting some of our fellow club members and non-members. Each of us is free to participate to whatever extent we desire. And reports are simple but not required. In fact, it is obvious to me as I compile these reports after each event that some of our members participate but don’t bother sending in a report. And that’s perfectly OK. The same is true with the many non-members who join in the fun. Some send in reports but many do not.

It’s interesting to note that activity reports received from members range from 783 to 2. Obviously these reports tell the story of our lives- some of us have time to spend a great deal of time on the air while others are faced with other duties or interests and have a limited amount of time to participate. One of the conclusions that can be drawn from a careful review of the member reports received is that a larger percentage of contacts were made with non-members by many FOCers. This increased awareness of our club and its underlying interest in promoting good cw operating is very gratifying.

Since our usual date in September conflicted with the 80th anniversary dinner, we did seem to land on another date that did not suffer from interference from other on-air events. A total of 141 members filed reports compared to 149 last September. Non-member reports received was down slightly with 56 received compared with 64 last September.

Many of you will be happy to note that beginning next year, reports will be sent to a new address that will allow for automatic response confirming receipt of your submission. Here is the new address:

The following is a listing of the top two stations on each continent. All continent leaders will be receiving a handsome certificate to commemorate their accomplishments. 


  Members   Non-members    
Europe: DL6KVA 367/244 DK1WI 118  

LY5A 331/246 SP7VV 93  
North America: AA3B 783/467 WB0SND 222  

N2KW 576/416 W1SOC (N4BP) 212  
NA West Coast: K4XU 423/250 NG7M 73  

K6AR 319/184 KW7Q 55  
Asia: UA9BA 143/88 JJ1YHC 10  
  JA1GZV 17/13 JA5QJX/0 5  

Africa: 9J2BO 127/48 No reports received    

Oceania: VK7CW 91/64 No reports received    
  ZL2IFB 53/48      
South America: No reports received   PY4ARS 10  

Come and join the next FOC QSO Party!               

Here is a special invitation for you to join in the fun during the our next FOC QSO Party.

The FOC QSO Party (FOCQP), formerly known as the Bill Windle QSO Party (BWQP), is held twice a year and is open to all radio amateurs world-wide.

It's not a contest but, rather, an activity day in memory of Bill Windle, G8VG (SK), a past Chairman of FOC who was very keen that we should all be as active as possible on the bands. Stations participating in the FOCQP should call "CQ BW" in memory of Bill.

Participants have often reported this is one of their favourite operating events!

The idea behind the FOCQP is to offer some stress-free opportunity for FOC Members to meet and greet both other members and non-members.

Each one of us can make this event what you want it to be – some get on for a few casual QSOs, others spend several hours on different bands and still others treat it like a mini- Marathon.

The basic concept is just to work as many stations as you can over a 24-hour period, from 0000z to 2359z.

The two 2019 FOCQP dates are:

  • Saturday*, March 23rd, 2019 

  • Saturday*, September 14th, 2019 

* Begins Friday evening in the US 

Just call "CQ BW" from 015 to 040kHz on all bands, excluding the WARC bands. The exchange is: RST, name, and FOC number (non-members send RST and name).

Many also take the opportunity to engage in longer QSOs; this is definitely encouraged but it is entirely up to you! However, please note, we still call "CQ BW" to initiate a QSO, a tribute to Bill Windle who did so much to foster activity in our Club.

    If you are interested in reporting your results during a FOCQP, simply send in the total number of contacts and the total number of FOC QSOs by email to KZ5D at

    Reports should be something like ‘145/120’, indicating 145 total contacts of which 120 were with FOC members. No logs are required because we work on the honour system.

    Reports are due 7 days after the event. A complete list of the stations who report will be included here on our public website. Handsome certificates are awarded to members and non-members on each continent reporting the highest number of QSOs.


                           2019   March 23rd   September 14th  
                           2018   March 24th   September 22nd  
                           2017   March 25th   September 9th  
                           2016   March 26th   September 10th  
                           2015   March 28th   September 12th  
                           2014   March 22nd   September 13th  
                           2013   March 23rd   September 14th  
                           2012   May 31st   September 22nd  
                           2011   May 14th   October 22nd  

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