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The next FOCQP will be
22 Sept 2018
(changed from 9 Sept due to FOC anniversry dinner)


Download the complete list of reports received for the March, 2018 FOCQP

Woe Is Me! – FOC QP Plagued by Poor Conditions (By Art, KZ5D)        

Even though we all suffered from poor conditions during the 24 March QP, the overall participation was very good. Perhaps this can best be stated as “FOC enthusiasts are optimists!” As the clock ticked over to 0000z on 24 March, both 20 and 40 meters erupted in a barrage of CQ BW. From my vantage point, it seemed that conditions started off somewhat promising here in North America. But signals from Europe and other continents were down or in some cases missing completely. You will appreciate the obstacles participants faced by reading the member comments below. Based on reports received, this event is very popular with both members and non-members. A total of 149 members filed reports compared to 152 last March. Non-member reports received was up sharply with 64 received this March compared to 48 last year.

Even with such poor conditions, Bud, AA3B, reported over 700 contacts (732/507) to lead all participants. It was Axel, DL6KVA, who posted the highest total from Europe with 442/354. Andy, EA, had 260/216 to lead from Africa. The highest activity from Asia came from Riki, 4x4NJ, reporting 94/52. Oceania honors go to Steve, VK7CW, with 56/37. Jim, K6AR, had the highest report from the West Coast NA with 343/231.

The member comments follow the usual pattern explaining how one’s participation varies depending on their personal circumstances or propagation. When this event was conceived, it was with the idea that we would encourage participation, whether time-limited or a full-time commitment. As you will note from the complete activity list below, many of us operate very casually in this event. Others spend a great deal of time on-air. It’s purely a personal decision. So, when the next one rolls around, do try to jump in and participate for whatever amount of time you wish.

The next FOC QP that has been re-scheduled for Saturday, 22 September so as not to conflict with the FOC 80th dinner.



The First Class CW Operators Club, with its roots, history and management in the UK, promotes good CW operating, activity, friendship and socialising via its worldwide membership of 500. The aim of the Club is to foster and encourage a high standard of CW operating ability and behaviour on the amateur radio bands.

The FOC QSO Party is held twice a year and is open to all radio amateurs world-wide. It's not a contest but, rather, an activity day in memory of Bill Windle, G8VG (SK), a past Chairman of FOC who was very keen that we should all be as active as possible on the bands. Stations participating in the BWQP should call "CQBW," in memory of Bill.


Open to all stations worldwide.  FOC members contact members and non-members.  Other stations contact FOC members only.


00:00Z to 23:59Z.


  • FOC members:  Make as many member and non-member QSOs as possible.
  • Non-members:  To contact as many FOC members as possible.


  • All Stations: Call "CQBW."
  • FOC members: RST, Name & FOC Number.
  • Non-members: RST & Name.
You are encouraged to have at least short chats with other stations.


  • CW portions of all bands except WARC bands, which are excluded.
  • Operating windows are from .015 to .040.


  • FOC members: Total QSOs and total FOC QSOs, counted once per band. For example: 302/177 would indicate total QSOs/total FOC member QSOs.
  • Non-Members:  Report total QSOs with FOC members, counted once per band.


  • Certificates will be awarded to the station on each continent reporting the highest number of QSOs.
  • Certificates will be awarded in both categories – members and non-members.

No logs or verification are required. Send your report to: no later than 14 days after the event. Results will be posted on the FOC Web site and published in the FOC’s quarterly magazine, FOCUS.

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