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Download the complete list of reports received for the March, 2017 FOCQP

The next FOCQP will be 9 Sept. 2017

Tough Conditions Did Not Deter Participation in the 25 March FOC QP  -  by Art, KZ5D

No question that the March QSO Party wasn’t a walk in the park for anyone. Universally, comment received lamented the poor conditions. But in spite of that, it is very encouraging to see a new record set in reports received from members! A total of 164 reports were received from members, eclipsing the previous high of 159. While many reports told of limited operating tie due to other commitments, at least some time was spent handing out contacts during the semi-annual event. That happened to be the case for me as well. When the FOC QP was conceived, we envisioned it to be an event that would encourage participation to whatever extent a member chose-casual QSOs, greeting old friends, or making it an all-out contest. I’m very gratified to see the event gaining a good deal of popularity among non-members as well.

It seems that Bud, AA3B, was able to devote more time to this event and amassed the overall highest score with 694/506. It is very interesting to note that Bud had almost 200 non-member contacts. Riki, 4X4NJ,turned in a terrific effort from Asia, placing second overall with 529/346. He, too, had almost 200 non-member contacts. That’s really quite amazing. Finishing third overall and first in Europe was Marco, IK0YVV. He reported 455/365. A very impressive score was received from non-member (but soon to be a full member) Jonas, LY5A, with a total of 303 FOC member QSOs.

Our next FOC QP will be on 9 Sept., 2017. I’m guaranteeing better conditions, or your money back!

Certificates will be emailed to the top scoring stations on each continent.

Here are the top two stations on each continent:

                                                Members                                                            Non-members

Europe:                                    IK0YVV                 455/365                                LY5A                      303

                                                DL6KVA                 413/345                               ON/DL2CC           165


North America:                        AA3B                    694/506                                K5WK                    170

                                               W4PM                  386/302                                W5TM                   154


NA West Coast:                       K4XU                     282/207                                NG7M                   33

                                                K5RC                    275/219                                K7ZYV                   31


Asia:                                      4X4NJ                    529/346                                JA5NSR                 5

                                              HS0ZLM                82/57                                    


Africa:                                   EA8CN                  354/308

                                             7Q7BP                  243/173


Oceania:                              No reports received



South America:                     PJ4LS                     199/120                                PY4ARS                 6

                                             PJ2/PA0VDV           120/92 



The First Class CW Operators Club, with its roots, history and management in the UK, promotes good CW operating, activity, friendship and socialising via its worldwide membership of 500. The aim of the Club is to foster and encourage a high standard of CW operating ability and behaviour on the amateur radio bands.

The FOC QSO Party is held twice a year and is open to all radio amateurs world-wide. It's not a contest but, rather, an activity day in memory of Bill Windle, G8VG (SK), a past Chairman of FOC who was very keen that we should all be as active as possible on the bands. Stations participating in the BWQP should call "CQBW," in memory of Bill.


Open to all stations worldwide.  FOC members contact members and non-members.  Other stations contact FOC members only.


00:00Z to 23:59Z.


  • FOC members:  Make as many member and non-member QSOs as possible.
  • Non-members:  To contact as many FOC members as possible.


  • All Stations: Call "CQBW."
  • FOC members: RST, Name & FOC Number.
  • Non-members: RST & Name.
You are encouraged to have at least short chats with other stations.


  • CW portions of all bands except WARC bands, which are excluded.
  • Operating windows are from .015 to .040.


  • FOC members: Total QSOs and total FOC QSOs, counted once per band. For example: 302/177 would indicate total QSOs/total FOC member QSOs.
  • Non-Members:  Report total QSOs with FOC members, counted once per band.


  • Certificates will be awarded to the station on each continent reporting the highest number of QSOs.
  • Certificates will be awarded in both categories – members and non-members.

No logs or verification are required. Send your report to: no later than 14 days after the event. Results will be posted on the FOC Web site and published in the FOC’s quarterly magazine, FOCUS.

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