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The 23 March 2019 FOCQP

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Bad conditions, No sunspots not to discourage willing souls in "March FOC QP"

By Art, KZ5D

With much anticipation, the March 23rd running of the FOC QP began at 0001z with a flurry of activity. There was quite a crowd of stateside members active on 20 at the start, but the attention quickly moved to 40 where good signals from Europe and stateside provided a lot of QSOs. As the reports indicate, the low bands carried the day. Very few contacts were made by any members on 10 and 15, although 20 did offer a fairly good number of contacts. As Red, DL1BUG,says ”The QSO-Party brings great activity from our members and a lot of fun for me.”

Each year when I write this recap I’m amazed at how many contacts have been made over this 24 hour period in less than optimum conditions (Yes, I’m a perpetual optimist). Many of you have stated that the propagation was about non-existent. Some comments alluded to ESP QSOs. Still members and non-members alike persisted to enjoy a fun-filled, low stress operating activity over the 24 hour period of 23 March, 2019. Once again, 10 meter contacts were virtually impossible, and 15 meters didn’t provide much better results. Even though conditions were decent on 40, 80, and 160, several comments were received remarking about low activity on 160. Perhaps that can be a point of emphasis for all participants in September.

Overall, activity seemed quite good and even generated a crowd at times on some of the bands. Non-member participation continues to grow and account for a larger share of most members QSO totals. Once again the highest number of QSOs was reported by Bud, AA3B, who managed to hit a new all-time high with 786 contacts. 493 of these were with members, but a whopping 293 (37%) were with non-members. DL6KVA reported the highest numbers from Europe with 465/366 that bettered his last Party’s total of 367. Axel had 21% of his contacts with non-members. Interest by non-members in our event speaks highly of the overall image of the Club.

When you review the complete list of below, you will note that there is a wide range of contacts made by members. As we continue to emphasize, this event is purely for fun and reports are not required. The activity listed gives all of us an idea of how propagation was in our various regions. A total of 154 members filed reports compared to 149 last March. Non-member reports increased to 73 compared with 66 last March.

Our next FOC QP is scheduled for 14 September, 2019. Mark your calendar now! A huge “Thank You” to James, G4ILW, and Ray, DF4FON (G4FON). who were responsible for setting up the new email address for reports. If you used this, you received an automatic reply confirming receipt. Quite a few did not use this and reverted to my old email address on AOL. Please correct your info as I have discontinued use of AOL.

The following is a listing of the top two stations on each continent. All continent leaders will be receiving a handsome certificate to commemorate their accomplishments.

  Members   Non-members    
Europe: DL6KVA 465/366 DL5DBY 206  

DL5YM 380/252 IT9MUO 183  
North America: AA3B 786/493 W1SOC (N4BP) 256  

K3WW 569/388 W5TM 251  
NA West Coast: K4XU 472/305 K0MP 134  

K7NJ 229/140 NG7M 98  
Asia: UA9BA 183/128 JI1RXQ 5  
  JA1GZV 3/1 JI1YHC 5  

Africa: EA8CN 273/234 No reports received    

9J2BO 161/76      
Oceania: KH6LC 144/74 VK5GG 3  
  VK7CW 61/40      
South America: No reports received   No reports received    

rev: 28/06/19


     Get on the air & have fun. Saturday, 14 September.

               It’s the FOC QSO Party!               

We’re throwing a party for you and all cw fans world-wide. It’s the FOC QSO Party, 14 Sept. 2019.

The FOC QSO Party (FOCQP), formerly known as the Bill Windle QSO Party (BWQP), is held twice a year and is open to all radio amateurs world-wide.

It's not a contest but, rather, an activity day in memory of Bill Windle, G8VG (SK), a past Chairman of FOC who was very keen that we should all be as active as possible on the bands. Stations participating in the FOCQP should call "CQ BW" in memory of Bill.


Participants have often reported this is one of their favourite operating events!

The idea behind the FOCQP is to offer some stress-free opportunity for FOC Members to meet and greet both other members and non-members.

Each one of us can make this event what you want it to be – some get on for a few casual QSOs, others spend several hours on different bands and still others treat it like a "mini-marathon".

The basic concept is just to work as many stations as you can over a 24-hour period, from:

 0000z to 2359z - Saturday*, September 14th, 2019 

* Begins Friday evening in the US 

Just call "CQ BW" from 015 to 040kHz on all bands, excluding the WARC bands. The exchange is: RST, name, and FOC number (non-members send RST and name).

Many also take the opportunity to engage in longer QSOs; this is definitely encouraged but it is entirely up to you! However, please note, we still call "CQ BW" to initiate a QSO, a tribute to Bill Windle who did so much to foster activity in our Club.

If you are interested in reporting your results during a FOCQP, simply send in the total number of contacts and the total number of FOC QSOs by email to KZ5D. Send it like this: 100/70 where the total number of contacts made is 100; and of those, 70 were with FOC members. Email to:

No logs are required because we work on the honour system.

When reporting scores, FOC categorise according to: Europe, North America, North America “West Coast”, Asia, Africa and South America. Most all of this is obvious from your callsign. However for North America “West Coast” we would like to identify stations are actually in the W6/7 callsign area. If you are in the W6/W7 area and using a call other than a 6 or 7, please include your QTH for your report to be classified correctly.

Reports are due 7 days after the event. A complete list of the stations who report will be included here on our public website. Handsome certificates are awarded to members and non-members on each continent reporting the highest number of QSOs.


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