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The FOC QSO Party

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The FOC QSO Party (FOCQP), formerly known as the Bill Windle QSO Party (BWQP), is held twice a year and is open to all radio amateurs world-wide.

It's not a contest but, rather, an activity day in memory of Bill Windle, G8VG (SK), a past Chairman of FOC who was very keen that we should all be as active as possible on the bands. Stations participating in the FOCQP should call "CQ BW" in memory of Bill.

Participants have often reported this is one of their favourite operating events!

The idea behind the FOCQP is to offer some stress-free opportunity for FOC Members to meet and greet both other members and non-members.

Each one of us can make this event what you want it to be – some get on for a few casual QSOs, others spend several hours on different bands and still others treat it like a "mini-marathon".

The basic concept is just to work as many stations as you can over a 24-hour period, from:

Just call "CQ BW" from 015 to 040kHz on all bands, excluding the WARC bands. The exchange is: RST, name, and FOC number (non-members send RST and name).

Many people also take the opportunity to engage in longer QSOs; this is definitely encouraged but it is entirely up to you! However, please note, we still call "CQ BW" to initiate a QSO, a tribute to Bill Windle who did so much to foster activity in our Club.

2022 FOCQP

- Saturday" - Sept. 10: 0000z to 2359z

* Note: Starts Friday in the U.S.

How to Report Your Results

NOTE: This procedure changed effective with the 12 Sept. 2020 QSO Party.

If you are interested in reporting your results during a FOCQP, simply log onto this website page and fill out the form: . It's as simple as that. No logs are required because we work on the honour system.

When reporting scores we separate according to: Europe, North America, North America “West Coast”, Asia, Africa and South America, and this is done automatically for you when you enter your information on the web form.

Reports are due 7 days after the event. A complete list of the stations who report, and their totals, will be included here on our public website. Handsome certificates are awarded to members and non-members on each continent reporting the highest number of QSOs.

Improved Conditions Highlighted the FOCQP 26 March 2022

 By Art, KZ5D

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Participants in our recent FOC QP enjoyed much improved conditions. 15 meters provided lots of transatlantic contacts, while 10 meter QSOs were still somewhat of a struggle. Many reported very good conditions, while some others had propagation difficulties. No matter when you operate, there’s never a perfectly level worldwide playing field. Looking at just the list of results doesn’t come close to capturing the whole story. The soapbox comments are a treasure trove of insights into what participants had to deal with over the 24 hour event. To read all of the soapbox comments, use this link: here

The aim of our semi-annual event is to just have fun with your FOC friends and any non-members who care to join in the party. Some of the comments from non-members captured the very essence of the FOC QP. “This was a friendly group. Exchanges were more than 599 73,” said WB2KWC.  K0HB said, “My first FOC QSO Party. Two things were noticeable to an outsider: 1) FOC guys are friendly!  2) Many contacts sent a ‘real’ RST such as 579 or 549. Nice to hear something beyond the usual robotic ‘5nn’.” But the comment from K5IX is my favorite. “Thanks for keeping the music alive on the CW bands!”

Our members offered some notable comments, too. Bob, G4HZV, remarked, “Great choice of day, no other contests and conditions much improved.” According to Steve, W9SN, “Just got my number hours before the contest. I could not believe how many members were saying ‘Welcome to FOC!’ I had tons of fun. Thanks to everyone.” And Committee member Vic, G4BYG, using the G4FOC call, even celebrated his birthday with us. “Late start and early end due to my birthday celebrations (75th). Now I can call myself a real OM,” he admitted. At least two members participated, even with COVID. Thanks Carlos, IK0YGJ and Lars, LB2TB, for making the extra effort to get on the air while dealing with the illness.

A new record high QSO total was achieved by Laci, OM2VL, with 1,083 contacts made. Of these, 759 were with members. K3WW, Chas, had the highest total from North America with 874/661. NA West Coast honors go to Riki, K7NJ, with 556/446. Top score from Africa was from Andy, 5Z4VJ, with 491/320 and Bernd, VK2IA, was tops from Oceania with 440/262. No reports from Asia or South America were received. Non-members were quite active in this event with the highest report from Europe from SN1T with 244. Jack, W1WEF, a non-member now, had 310 QSOs for the overall high score for non-members and top stateside honors while NA2U managed 111 Qs for the best report from NA-West Coast. KH6AQ took the honor from Oceania with 51 contacts.  And BA4TB had the highest report from Asia with 26 Qs. LU1AW reported 39 Qs to earn the award from South America. No entries from Africa in the non-member category. A total of 325 reports were received with 212 from members and 113 from non-members .

As conditions continue to improve, there will certainly be more ops breaking the 1,000 QSOs barrier. But kudos to Laci, OM2VL, who is the first to do so. I asked him how did he accomplish such a feat. “When I am QRV it is from our OM8A club station. It is about a 30 minute drive from my QTH. I can be QRV mostly only during the weekends when there is no other contest,” he explains. So for our QP, Laci had the use of the club station outfitted with all sorts of terrific antennas. And he operated the full 24 hours. It is interesting to look at the way this station is equipped:

TCVR: FT5000DX + IC7610 + OMPower


160m: INV L

80m: 2el Yagi + Dipole

40m: 3/3 Stack + 3el Yagi

20m: 6/6/6 Stack + 5el Yagi

15m: 6/6/6/6 Stack + 6el Yagi

10m: 6/6/6 Stack

RX ant: SAL + BVGs


FOC QP – 26 March
























North America


















NA West Coast



















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South America

No Entry






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