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First Class CW Operators’ Club 75thAnniversary Celebration

To commemorate our 75th anniversary in May FOC held a month-long on-air event featuring more than 60 special FOC-suffix calls.  These included GB75FOC from England, GC4FOC from Wales, GH4FOC from Jersey,  GN4FOC from Northern Ireland, GP4FOC from Guernsey, GS4FOC from Scotland, and GT4FOC from Isle of Man.  There were many other FOC calls on the air all month from outside the UK, including some exotic locations such as 4X, 5B, 5T, 7Q, A6, HZ, KH6, V3 and VQ9.

A special issue of the club's magazine, FOCUS, was also published to mark the anniversary as was a poster containing pictures of many of our members who operated with special calls.

Stations gained points for contacting any FOC member and a beautiful certificate was presented to stations who reached certain point levels.  

QSLs for GB75FOC, GC4FOC, GH4FOC, GN4FOC, GP4FOC, GS4FOC, GT4FOC and M0RSE should be sent to: G3SWH:  

Check pages for QSL information about other "FOC" calls.

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