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FOC Club Awards Announced

  • 22 Oct 2017 19:20
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Honoured Member

    It is our great pleasure to announce that Roger Western, G3SXW is now an Honoured Member. To have been active in FOC for more than 50 years, and contributed so much, is an outstanding accolade. Congratulations to Roger, with the heartfelt thanks of every FOC member for his life-long dedication to the Club.

    The G3FXB Memorial Award, 2017

    The winner of this year's Al Slater Memorial Award is David Robbins, K1TTT. The award is presented once a year to an individual, group or society that has, in the judgement of the Committee, made an outstanding contribution to the hobby that reflects the attitudes and approach of Al Slater, G3FXB. A speech made by Bob, MD0CCE, will be reproduced in FOCUS along with photos. Congratulations to David. A magnificent silver plate will be presented to him at the soonest available opportunity.

    The Unsung Hero Award, 2017

    In recognition of his ceaseless commitment to CW and to the Club, and for his outstanding and selfless  contribution of tools to help FOC members find each other on the bands, Fabian Kurz, DJ1YFK, is this year's Unsung Hero. On behalf of all members, Fabian, thank you for everything you do for FOC.

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